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SIP & ART Wine Tour In Umbria

When we drink a glass of wine we are searching for all its gustatory information, its sweetness or acidity, its aftertaste, how full-bodied it is. A glass of wine offers more than this. First of all, there is the history of its territory, where the vine has grown absorbing its mineral properties and peculiarities, and also the tradition in cultivating it. Then, there is the knowledge of lots of people's involvement in the production, from the farmer who prepared the soil to the enologist who searched for the right balance between what is established and new and innovative techniques. Then there is the bottle shape, the right aging room, the right label to appeal to the market… All these things we taste in a good glass of wine!

Wines from Umbria start to acquire importance not only in Italy but also on the international market. To know something more about the places in which the wine is produced is not only an opportunity for tasting it directly at the place of origin, but it also represents the possibility to understand the deep connection between the wine and its historical and cultural background. This is the tour we have prepared for you.

1d - Upon your arrival at Fiumicino Airport, your personal driver will take you to your hotel, where you will be greeted with welcome refreshments. Dinner at the hotel.

2d - Etruscans and wine: Orvieto. Just a few kilometres separate Orvieto from the town of Porano, where is possible to visit the only painted Etruscan grave of the territory. Once your visit ends, transfer to a winery for lunch and for a tasting of typical local wines. The afternoon is dedicated to a visit of the city of Orvieto. Exactly on the same square with the very famous Cathedral, you can’t miss a visit to the Museo Archologico Nazionale (National Archeological Museum) where you can admire the beautiful ‘bucchero’ ceramic and other objects discovered from the excavations of that area, indicating the strong link between this territory and its wine tradition. Dinner at the hotel.

3d - Medieval Atmospheres: Montefalco and Cannara. Montefalco provides a breath-taking view. This little town has many well-preserved buildings dating back to the XIVth century, places like the Palazzo Comunale (Council Palace) and the ex-church of Saint Filippo Neri. The most precious thing in Montefalco is, with no doubts, the church-museum of Saint Francis: a synthesis of the history, the culture and the tradition of Montefalco. It was built between 1335 and 1338 by the Order of Friars Minor and since 1895 it has been the location of Museo Civico (Civic Museum); inside of it there are prestigious artworks of the most famous painters as the cycle of Benozzo Gozzoli dedicated to the ‘Life of Saint Francis’. The most antique part of the town, the Quartiere di Porta Camiano (Neighborhood of Porta Camiano). Among the stonewalls and among the alleys that run down from Piazza del Comune (Town Square), Sagrantino grapevines symbolise the connection of different periods and reveal an ancient presence of domestic grapevines in the vegetable garden walls. Montefalco is proud of this grape variety, which embodies the symbol of wealth. There will be a tasting lunch with Sagrantino and other wines of the area, and this will be the best way to appreciate the ancient relationship between this nectar and its place of birth. At lunch time, stop in a local farmhouse for a light lunch and a Sagrantino wine tasting. In the afternoon, a visit to a farm practicing organic and biodynamic farming including horses and geese as their ‘special partners’. A nice carriage tour through the vineyards will complete this amazing experience before tasting a delicious wine! Dinner at the hotel.

4d - Piegaro: Hand-made pasta cooking lesson. The most enjoyable experience to taste wine is pairing it with a good pasta dish made by yourself! In the medieval village of Piegaro, in an amazing Renaissance palace, today an Italian ‘mamma’ will teach you the secrets for a tasty hand-made pasta! To follow, a lunch based on your prepared recipes. Piegaro had its development during the Middle Ages thanks to some glass work masters from Venice who started a flourishing activity that still continues to this day. The village hosts a Glass Museum located inside the old glass factory, dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century, that offers the visitor a pathway, accompanied by panels, photographs and documents telling the story of glass making throughout the different historical periods, the relationship between this ancient art and the town, the prestigious art of the Medieval and Renaissance. Dinner at the hotel.

5d - The wine experience: Torgiano. The wine is a summary of passion, tradition and culture. The small town of Torgiano has a typical medieval aspect and ruins of ancient walls. The story of this antique village in the heart of Umbria is linked to ancient Rome and a legend talks about a connection with the pagan god Giano, to which the ancient tower was dedicated. Known as “Torre di Giano” (Tower of Giano). Today Torgiano is a synonym of wine culture, thanks to the presence of an important museum dedicated to this thousand-year-old product. The MUVIT - Museo del Vino di Torgiano (Torgiano Wine Museum) - collects many interesting historical documents concerning the different wine sectors: from the wine-growing and wine-making technique to the artistic, folk and bibliographical documentation. You can’t miss the opportunity to take a guided introductory tour for discovering the wine's secrets: from wine-making installation to the step of maturation in casks and barrique and bottle refinement. And for completing the visit, there’s nothing better than a walk through the evocative vineyards sipping a good wine! Dinner at the hotel.

6d - Assisi: Assisi is no doubt the most renowned Umbrian town in the world. It is considered the cradle of medieval art and famous because it is where Saint Francis was born and lived. It was founded by the Umbrians and reached its splendour during the Roman times. You can still admire the signs of that period, monuments such as the Temple of Minerva, the Amphitheatre and the Forum. After a dark period in the 9th century Assisi bloomed again as a free commune. Churches, monasteries and sumptuous houses were built and thanks to the Benedictine monks the marshy plain was reclaimed. Saint Francis was born in this thriving framework. To celebrate him a Basilica was built. In this Basilica, the most famous artists of time worked: Cimabue, Giotto, Simone Martini and Lorenzetti, whose paintings can still be admired today. Assisi is today an uncontaminated place as well as a symbol of peace for all of humanity. A half day guided tour of the town will allow you to deeply comprehend its spirit of place. A light lunch will be served in a local wine bar, a place rich in atmosphere, good food and excellent wine. Dinner at the hotel.

7d - The deep respect for the environment: Monte Vibiano. The wine is, above all, a pleasure both for who drinks it and, even more, for who produces it. It means love and deep respect of the environment and of the land that offers us its wonderful flavours, different, peculiar and unique depending on the soil where the grapevines grow. Then, expert hands will know how to pick the grape and expert gatherers will know how to press and to mature it for producing a high-quality wine. Producing wine is a way of experimentation that puts together innovation and new techniques with ancient knowledge. Today we’ll have the opportunity to live a unique situation, where the inspiration perfectly combines with the land's generosity so that what is obtained is a pure sensational pleasure. On ecological vehicles, we’ll explore an interesting tree-lined road, leaving the valley behind for climbing up to the surrounding hills, from where it will be possible to observe the field life, always fervent, in every period of the year: an occasion for watching the marvellous landscapes, old olivegroves and vineyards. This is the most astonishing stop of the tour, for the breath-taking beauty of the surrounding hills, with their thousand shades of green, sometimes interrupted by the valleys of central Umbria. Once back we’ll have the ageing cellar visit and a delicious tasting. Lunch will be at a farm house to taste a rustic and genuine cuisine. Dinner at the villa.

8d - Departure – According to your scheduled flight, a private transfer to the airport.

Included in the price

  • 8 days Private car & driver for the whole itinerary, transfers from/to Rome Fiumicino airport included

  • 7 HB in 4 stars hotel, with access to the wellness centre

  • Orvieto: Lunch + wine tasting

  • Montefalco: lunch + wine tasting

  • Torgiano: vineyard activity + wine tasting + lunch

  • Assisi: light lunch in a wine bar

  • Montevibiano: wine tasting

  • Lunch in a farm

  • Half day cooking class + lunch

  • Guided tour/hd/ in Orvieto, Montefalco, Assisi

  • Entrance tickets for the Visits of Etruscan Tomb, MUVIT (Museum of Wine) and Glass Museum

Not included in the price

Drinks at the hotel, tips, insurances (on request), everything not expressly mentioned above.

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