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An itinerary for Scilla in Calabria

  • Check out the Old Town

  • Fancy some beach time....try out the Marina Grande beach

  • If you fancy a spot of kayaking, rental is possible

  • For panoramics see Castello Ruffo or take a walk to the Belvedere di Piazza San Rocco

  • Go and see Chianalea which is listed as one of the "Borghi piu belli di Italia". The houses here are built right against the sea.

  • Reggio Calabria is worth a visit and places to see are: Basilica of San Giovanni Teresì in Bivongi and the Gerace Cathedral. Prestigious residences, such as the 18th-Century Villa Caristo in Stignano, Villa di Palazzi in Casignana, today housing a nearly-intact floor mosaic, or the wonderful Villa del Naniglio in Gioiosa Jonica. Reggio Calabria is famous worldwide for the Riace Bronzes, hosted since 1981 in its Archaeological Museum, established in 1882, while the Cathedral dates back to its founding by Saint Paul. On the main altar, visitors can admire the Madonna della Consolazione, Reggio Calabria's Patron Saint.

  • Gioia Tauro, once Matauros, comprises an archaeological area and an archaic necropolis in the district of Pietra and some of the villages of the area are characterized by Medieval hamlets and noble palaces, like Oppido Mamertina in Scido, housing the Civiltà Contadina (Peasant Society) Museum.

  • Check out the national Park of Aspromonte

What to try when here….

  • Try Sardella as an antipasto when you are here, not to everyone’s liking but worth tasting.

  • Really into their chillies fresh or dried

  • ‘Nduja, spicy red spreadable sausage

  • Definately swordfish (pesce spada) as they specialise in catching this fish here so you will find it on the menu.

Where to eat.......

  • Ristorante Il Casato in Via Annunziata, 25, 89058 Chianalea di Scilla. The great thing about this pace is the outside area where during the summer you can enjoy dinner on their platform over the sea.

  • Ristorante Glauco Via Annunziata, 95, 89058 Scilla which also has an outside terrace.

  • La Fiocina Via Annunziata, 121, 89058 Scilla, another seaside location.

  • Bleu Via Grotte, 89058 Melia RC

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