Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Holiday Protected?

All our flight-inclusive packages are protected under Spirito italiano Ltd company registration 04653855, ATOL number 9613. This means that you are financially covered in the event that Spirito Italiano Ltd should cease trading. If you book a non-package, then this will be booked by The Italian Connection (London) Ltd who is not a member of ABTA and does not hold an ATOL license which means that the service you have booked is not protected.

Why Should I Book with You?

Because.... a) We have been organising trips to Italy since the early 1990s b) We know the country well c) We have lived in the country and worked here and we are completely fluent in the language and the culture d) Our main aim is to look after you from the time of your enquiry right through to your trip to Italy and back and are with you every step of the way e) You will always only deal with one person throughout the booking stage f) We ensure that you receive a bespoke itinerary designed to ensure that you get the very best from your trip g) You will have 24 hour access to your travel consultant throughout your stay ....shall we go on?

How Do I Book?

The process is simple. You let us know where what and how and we may ask you a few more questions just to get complete clarity. We will then put together a bespoke day to day itinerary to see if we have managed to engage your requirements. Once this has been agreed, we will then finalise your proposal with recommended accommodation and costs and everything you need to know. If you like the look of it and agree to it, the next stage is the booking process where we will send you a booking form to complete while we start to hold the properties and book the tours/excursions. Before we confirm or book any of the services, we will request a credit or debit card to guarantee the booking and full names as they appear on the passports and then we start to get everything booked up for you. Once everything is booked and confirmed, we will issue a confirmation invoice and then 30% of the amount of your invoice will be due for payment by return. This is a non-refundable deposit. The final balance will be due 6 weeks before departure HOWEVER.... If your proposal includes a non-refundable item, so for example if we opt for a room at a lower cost, then the deposit requested may be slightly higher but you will see this from the proposal as it is clearly stated. Also, flight tickets, rail tickets, ferry tickets, opera tickets will not be refunded.

Can I pay in a different currency?

Yes but only in Euros. If you decide to pay in euros, we need to know when organising the proposal for you so that we can provide you with the proposal in euros. Payment in euros will only be possible by bank transfer and you will need to add an extra 12 euros bank charges.

What are your payment methods?

You can pay by cheque, bank transfer directly into our account or by credit or debit card. Credit and Debit card payments may incur an additional processing charge which will be clarified in your proposal. We do not accept business cards.

Why Do you say that the deposit is non-refundable?

There are a range of reasons why certain items may be non-refundable. Deposits cannot be refunded or transferred because there are set costs that we incur on each part of your package, flights, accommodation, tours and excursions and so forth. Your deposit is used as a deposit to pay for these items to ensure that they are confirmed for you. If you are not sure, it is best to check that you have adequate travel insurance to cover any possible losses. Without payment of the required deposit we will not be able to guarantee the service.

If I Cancel, what sort of costs do I incur?

Due to the bespoke manner of our business, all our cancellation charges will be provided on your proposal. Sometimes to take advantage of a special deal, we book non-refundable rooms which means that once booked and confirmed, it cannot be cancelled. We will of course advise you of this in the proposal so that you are aware of this at all times. Also once we have issued the confirmation invoice, this will mean that we have already paid our suppliers to ensure that you receive the service requested hence the request for a crdit/debit card when we send through the booking form. Once the confirmation invoice is issued the 30% paid is non-refundable and once the final balance has been paid and vouchers issued, any costs incurred will need to be discussed with your insurance company. It is very important that before booking your holiday, you ensure that you have adequate insurance.

What happens if "We" cancel?

If we are to cancel your trip to Italy, it will be because an apartment is no longer available because of damage. or the owner has decided to sell the property or by an act of God. Usually we provide our clients with alternative solutions, however if we are unable to help or you are not happy with the alternatives, we will provide you with a full refund of the service.

What Happens after the final balance is paid?

Usually what happens is that at least 14-7 working days before departure, you will be sent all your E-Vouchers and Boarding Passes and of course our bespoke travel itinerary. You will need to print them or load them onto your mobile or IPAD so that you have them present when checking into flights and accommodation. If possible we try to send you the vouchers sooner but we will keep you updated every step of the way.

If I have special requests?

Not a problem just let us know so that we can ensure that we advise our suppliers who can assist you accordingly.

Where Can I get further information?

Check out our Essential Guide to Italy which will of course give you a little more information and we will try to update our FAQs. If you have any suggestions, do let us know.

Our Fee For A Bespoke Proposal

Due to the fact that every enquiry is unique and we need to ensure that it meets all your specified criteria, we charge a one-off administration fee of £ 95.00. This fee will also include any tweaks or amendments required (Up to 3). If you then decide to go ahead with your Italian holiday, the admin fee paid will then be deducted from your total invoice. If you do not wish to go ahead, there will be no refund. When reviewing the fee, please consider the following: Our travel consultants are all Italian and have lived and worked in Italy and know the country well. We have a range of great hotels, villas, apartments and more to offer. We also have an array of tours and excursions to recommend and if you review our web site you will be able to see the different experiences on offer. The Italian Connection (London) Ltd is a trading name however all our flight inclusive packages are protected by Spirito Italiano Ltd ATOL number 9613. It is possible to pay by Credit or debit card, whatever your preference. Throughout the whole booking process you will be dealing with one person so there is no repetition involved. If required, you will also have a dedicated mobile number so any questions, you will be able to call your dedicated travel advisor directly. Once your holiday is booked and confirmed, you will be provided with an itinerary which will provide you with our recommendations of things to do and see, restaurants and so forth. Furthermore you will have 24/7 access to your travel co-ordinator, so any issues, all you have to do is call and we will endeavour to assist. Other costs you will need to be aware of which will form part of your bespoke proposal is: Our booking fee of £ 39.00 + VAT which will be added to the overall cost of the holiday; £ 2.50 per person APC which is a per passenger charge payable by licence holders to the Air Travel Trust Fund which becomes payable each time a consumer books a product covered by our licence. A passenger is defined as a person who is two years of age or more, on any date of travel; City tax (Italian tax) is not included in the proposal as this will need to be paid for on site. When considering a proposal, the information which will be required to proceed is the following and we will require this in writing for our records: Number of people travelling Please confirm whether children will be travelling and the subsequent ages Dates of travel and let us know if there is any flexibility with the travel dates Number of nights required An idea of the experience you wish to achieve. If you are unable to be specific, just provide a contact number and we will call you and discuss your itinerary Best UK airport Would you consider driving if required Indicative budget in sterling for the whole holiday and not per person. HOW WOULD IT WORK? If you are happy to go ahead with the consultation, we will send a confirmation email. We will then go through your specific request and give you a day to day account of how we see your holiday. This is important as it will allow you to see how your holiday will be taking shape. Once you agree to the above we will then work through the proposal for you and send this through. The proposal can take between 1 and 5 days to be issued. Please also be advised that your proposal will have a choice of accommodation and of course the same applies to the rest of the holiday where required, so do not expect us to only provide one option. If you then decide to go ahead, we will send you a booking form which we ask you to compile and send through and your holiday will then be confirmed. Once full and final payment takes place we will then issue your flight ticket and vouchers for all the services booked. We are here to answer any questions you may have so if there is something which is unclear, please send an email to or you can call us on 01424728900. If we are unable to answer your call, please leave a message and we will call you back. Thank you.

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