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     Wine is sunlight held together by water - Galileo Gallilei


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Where to start as you are spoilt for choice. We are going to introduce you to just a few places which are off the beaten track and do provide something special and unique..... 
We start off with our Castello located in Castellina in Chianti and this place is heavenly. Here at the Castello, vineyards are positioned in five different spots surrounding the Castle, at altitudes that vary from 300 to 500  metres above sea level. With a southern and southwest exposure, the vines plunge their roots into chalky soils. Due to these varieties, the Sangiovese has a considerable ductility and unleashes therefore complex and structured qualities rather than sweetness and elegance. Also cultivated here are small quantities of Malvasia Nera, Merlot, Syrah, and Petit Verdot. Olive oil is also produced here. When staying here our clients get to enjoy a wine tasting and tour with the owner if available.
Introducing our Agriturismo quite close to the glorious city of Siena. This is a winery first and foremost and is in the Chianti Classico Gallo Nero area. Also eco-friendly with all the energy provided by solar panels with 3 wells for water. Ten hectares of the farm is devoted to wine production, two to olive oil. Yearly, 40.000 bottles of Chianti Classico, Grappa are produced. There is accommodation here on site in a series of apartments and suites. With a restaurant on site and the opportunity to enjoy some wine tasting in the wine cellar, the terrace overlooking Siena or the vineyards. The sommelier will introduce every wine showing its characteristics and methods of production. The visitor will taste the wines of the estate, the IGT, the Chianti Classico, the Riserva, the Gran Selezione, the Super Tuscan, the Grappa, the Vinsanto, and the olive oil, of course, accompanied by delicious bruschette….....!



Completely immersed in a natural environment and surrounded by olive trees and by its own vineyards, this farm is in the heart of the Chianti Classico, 15 km. to the South of Florence and located on top of a hill from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of great beauty. Various works and sculptures of major contemporary Italian and foreign artists are installed in some of the most attractive part of the village and in the gardens of the master's villa. It is all about the wine here...."Nothing like wine manages to be both symbol and expression of a land and of its generosity and vigor; nothing like wine manages to be both symbol and expression of a people and of its value and its labours; nothing like wine manages to be both symbol and expression of a prize, Hard earned, long-awaited and generous....In no other part of the world are land, wine and people so fused in an ancient and unique nexus as in Tuscany and Chianti Classico. For us here, wine is the symbol of hard, meticulous work and of knowledge handed down from the distant past, from the times of the Medicis, the first owners of the estate". Available for you here are a range of apartments and suites throughout the complex which is run by a truly lovely lady. 


The estate extends to the south of Montalcino, to the borders of the Val d’Orcia. Of the 7,100 acres of land, about one third is under vine in a constellation of single vineyards, the remainder is occupied by olive groves, fruit trees (mainly plums), woods and scrub.  When you visit you will be welcomed to historical fortress which crowns the estate, an elegant setting for vacations. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, this hamlet will pamper you with its luxurious rooms and its manicured gardens ideal for enjoying the comfortable tranquility of the Tuscan countryside. You can completely relax, enjoying the attention. You will learn how to immerse yourself completely in the enological and culinary traditions, tasting the noble wines and the refined delicacies in the Enoteca and tasting the lovingly prepared Tuscan dishes in the Taverna. You can also delve into the rich history of glass in the Museum of Wine and The Bottle or discover the secrets of a unique condiment in the Balsameria. And, last but not least, to perfect your own personal pursuit of excellence, you certainly cannot miss a tour of the state of the art winery.
Many more delightful venues available throughout Tuscany.
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