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Historical castle Umbria

Luxury Perugia - Close to Foligno, this entire hamlet offers five exquisite bedrooms. Equipped with a fitted kitchen and dining spaces - the living room has a seating capacity for up to 10 people and the table in the dining room comfortably seats up to 12 guests -the whole estate affords both privacy and independence. With sweeping views and a swimming pool. Quote, Reference ITBG21.


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From £ 855 to £ 1330 per night. 

Magical location Umbria

Luxury Umbria - Scrupulously restored and absolutely contemporary in contrast to its original context, this tower, an ancient stronghold built in the twelfth-century and commanding its surroundings, is today one of the very few contemporary classics up for rental in Italy. Each floor is almost independent from the rest of the house. The atmosphere on the terrace on top of the tower is simply magical, the peace, the sense of tranquillity that surrounds you is absolutely unique. This is the perfect base for a fantastic experience in Italy. 12 people in beds and 4 extra children in extra beds is the maximum number.  Quote, Reference ITPG10.


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From £ 750 to £ 970 per night. 

Pool in Umbria
Outside area Umbria

Luxury Umbria - This property is only a few minutes from Todi and is ideal for those of you who are in search of complete peace and tranquility One of the important factors here is that this is an eco-friendly contemporary estate. With its own olive groves and swimming pool, this three-level house affords views of the scenic landscape from almost every possible angle. The property can accommodate 6+2 guests in 4 bedrooms.  Quote, Reference ITPG09.

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From £ 1120 to £ 1590 per night. 



Luxury Umbria - In a commanding position on the top of a hill over the Tiber valley, with breathtaking views over fields, rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards.  Space is the main furnishing element of this project, featuring an extensive surrounding garden, an infinity pool, a large kitchen with a dishwasher, fridge, oven, and microwave, and six greatly appointed bedrooms each with ensuite marble bathroom. Vaulted ceilings, reclaimed terracotta tiles floors, thirteen-century frescoes, travertine marble stairs create a home atmosphere. The property can accommodate 14 adults and 1 child. Quote, Reference ITPG08.


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Up to 12 guests From £ 1767 to £ 2310 per night. 

Up to 20 guests From £ 2045 to £ 2585 per night.

Outside area of luxury property

Luxury Perugia - With an ancient and dominant spirit, its allure, its uniqueness, this fully restored castle represents a new idea of grandiose luxury, a terrific mixture of classic architecture and contemporary, edgy design. The honey-stone castle offers eight grand bedrooms (accommodation for 16), all with en-suite tailor-made bathrooms, a professional kitchen designed with the help of a chef, a fitness area, and a private room for massages and wellness.  Quote, Reference ITPG06.


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From £ 3135 to £ 4750 per night. 


Luxury Close To Perugia -  Set within the elegant and spacious garden the stunning terrace decked in wood, provides a peaceful haven with uninterrupted views across the estate. This stunning property located in the Umbrian countryside has three bedrooms and is perched on the very top of Monte Santa Croce. With WIFI throughout, a heated infinity pool, air conditioning throughout. Ideal for 6 persons. Quote, Reference ITPG05.

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From £ 685 to £ 1230 per night. 


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