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This private guided tour is a mix of hiking, history, and stunning views. Following the “Path of the Saracens”, an ancient dirt road (Trazzera in Sicilian dialect) used by the Saracens to attack Taormina in 902, we will visit two of the most beautiful villages in north-eastern Sicily: Castelmola and Taormina. The passage has been created by the slow ascent of donkeys, through wild and overgrown fields featuring figs and prickly pears.

We will first visit the so-called “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”, which hides treasures of a glorious past: Aphrodite’s Temple, the Roman Thermal Baths, the Odeon, the Medieval Cathedral, the Palazzo Corvaja and the Greek-Roman theatre, symbol of the town for its enchanting position overlooking Naxos bay and Etna, one of the most breathtaking spots in Sicily, described and painted by many writers and artists for centuries.

We will then start our hiking and stop along the way to admire outstanding views of the Taormina bay, the medieval gates of the ancient city,and the ruins of two little abandoned churches. 

At the end of this light trekking, we will reach the Medieval hamlet of Castelmola, which has been recently added to the list of the 100 most beautiful Italian hamlets. The village is famous because of its narrow streets and the ruins of the ancient castle, but also for its delicious “almond wine”.


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