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Palermo was the scene of power games, violent attacks, and criminal connections between the Mafia and politicians, which deeply marked the identity of the city.

We will follow the history of the Mafia from its origins, as an agricultural phenomenon connected to the control of the territory, to the urban Mafia property speculation, drug dealing, and prostitution, up to the present day. We will focus on those characters who courageously sacrificed their lives to give us a better world.

We will visit some memorial places, including the Falcone and Borsellino Museum, inside the Court of Palermo, where we will meet a surviving collaborator of the judges killed in an attack.

To conclude our tour, we will listen to the testimony of the grandson of Judge Rocco Chinnici, a victim of one of the most violent attacks. The itinerary does not describe a mere succession of facts but it is more of an emotional experience, in contact with those who lived firsthand and spoke out for the desire for redemption of all Sicilians.



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