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Introducing you to some child-friendly tours in Venice. These are all private tours and can only be booked as part of a holiday package....
The Venice Grand Tour
Who says Venice is boring for children? With all its boats, canals, islands, ancient mansions, mysterious alleyways, this labyrinth-like city is a big fantasy world. And with no cars and scooters to bother you, the whole family can relax and enjoy the tour. After the traditional visit to St. Mark’s Square – inhabited by pigeons, winged lions, golden horses, and other creatures, we’ll be boating for one hour along the canals on our private water taxi, taking pictures and learning how a city could be built on water and be more fascinating than ever.  At this point, our visit will continue on foot, along the medieval backstreets and squares of the residential neighborhoods.  Here, in a city where most gelatos are mediocre, we’ll stop at one or two of our favourite ice cream parlours to share our passion for ... chocolate, Bacio, stracciatella, pistachio, hazelnut, figs, peaches, zabajone strawberries and fruit of any kind! In addition, we might taste a big 'gianduiotto', a very special gelato made only in Venice! After our gelato(s), as we are in the artisan's district, we will stop and see a glassmaker, working with a lamp, creating glass animals in front of our eyes, in just a few minutes!
Learn How To Row

Experience Venice like a Venetian and learn to row the canals in a typical rowing boat. Venetian rowing uses a very special technique, calling to mind the image of a gondolier of grace and elegance. Experience the magic of sitting blissfully on the city's waterways and becoming an active part of Venetian culture. Not only will you enjoy the beauty of Venice from a different perspective, taking part in the city’s age-old traditions, but you’ll build greater awareness of the environment and the heritage of Venice. Together with your instructor, you will experience an authentic piece of Venetian culture. The lesson is divided into two parts: the first hour takes place in the Arsenal's dock where you'll learn the rudiments of the art of Venetian rowing, then, you may choose to go in the lagoon or on the canals. Suitable for children from 12 years onwards. 

Fat Biking the Easy Way....

A very exciting tour for everyone. With our newest Fat Bike, we guide you and allow you to discover the island of Lido di Venezia. Lido island known as the Venice Golden Island is a 12 km long strip of land that divides the Adriatic Sea and the lagoon: thanks to this favourable position, the Lido beach, is an ideal place to stay all year, and especially from March to October. The centre of the Lido is rich in eighteenth-century buildings, such as the famous hotel "Excelsior" or "Murazzi" seafront, a long stretch of rocks made by man in defense of this thin strip of land. After travelling by FAT bike around the Lido we come back to the ferry terminal for our return to Venice.  We can also arrange medium difficulty biking....! 

Learning How To Cook...

Learn to cook like a Venetian in a typical house of the Polo district in Venice, and get hands-on help preparing your own lunch or dinner from a friendly cook. Enter the home of your cook and teacher, located on the banks of the canals and close to the famous Frari church in one of the most historical areas of Venice. Along with her husband, who is originally from Puglia, she has prepared a refined menu of Venetian and Pugliese recipes, using fresh products and raw materials from both areas. Discover what to do with fish and vegetables bought from the Rialto Market. Use olive oil produced in Puglia. Prepare a typical 4-course meal (appetizer, pasta course, 2nd course, and dessert) of dishes such as mixed croutons, eggplant with mushrooms, home-jarred sott’olio (“in oil”) vegetables, pasta and beans Venetian style, Venetian style liver, and onions, with artichoke hearts and other seasonal vegetables, and Venetian pastries. Get ready to live an authentic experience in Venice!

Venice in a Kayak

Enjoy the city with the new Kayak activity! The charm of Venice has always fascinated people from all over the world. Its uniqueness represents a priceless heritage for the whole of humanity. The historical richness and numerous cultural beauties that you can find there make it one of the treasures of our country and the world. What leaves visitors breathless is the close relationship between the earth and the water, a perfect symbiosis that often leads to identifying Venice with its laguna. The variety of canals and smaller canals – the vital links which carry Venetians and visitors- are the REAL Venice! We offer kayak guided tours with highly qualified guides to let you sample all the different aspects of an incredible city. Children from 7-14 must be accompanied by a parent or instructor & Children from 0 to 6 are not allowed for security. 

Fancy Being a Fisherman For the Day?

Relax, have fun and experience Venice from the open lagoon on a fishing excursion between the islands. From a traditional Venetian fishing boat, you will see breathtaking views of the islands and most famous sights of Venice while also living Venice as only real Venetians do. You will feel the tides and currents of the lagoon. Your captain, an expert Venetian fisherman, will teach you all about the native fish and Venetian fishing techniques and, of course, bring in the catch! Meanwhile, you will pass some of the most important monuments in Venice, maybe even cast your net. 

Bespoke Private Tours...

We work with some great guides who will be only too happy to create a bespoke Venetian tour for you, all you need to do is to ask. Here are just a few ideas which may be of interest to your children....

Venice history for families: Two legendary Venetians: 

Did Casanova really exist? Was Marco Polo a Venetian? This tour starts by taking you into the secret section of the Doges’ Palace.  We will pass through the meandering corridors and the somber torture chamber, heading into the Piombi, the famous prison from where, in 1756, Casanova escaped with his prison mate, Father Balbi.  This provides us with a good occasion to learn about the 18th-century Venetian justice system.  Later, we’ll stroll to the medieval Corte del Milion, by the Rialto Bridge. Here, once Venice’s main trading centre, the merchant Marco Polo and his family settled after returning from China. By reviving the true story, and the big lies regarding the two most famous Venetians of all time, we’ll take a peek into Venice’s fascinating past. Due to this tour’s secret itinerary, we can only offer this selection in the morning. Highlights include The Torture Chamber and Prisons of the Doges’ Palace and Institutional Chambers of the Doge's Palace.


Coffee (for the adults) and Chocolate Delights (for both you and the children)! 

See a sweeter side of historical Venice! Indulge in coffee and chocolate from the finest boutiques that have spoilt generations of Venetians and visitors, for more than three hundred years. Our tour begins in St.Marks Square, also known for the most elegant 18th-century coffee houses in the city,  Caffè Florian, Caffè Lavena, and Caffè Quadri, where hot chocolate was served in glass cups!


Your expert guide will introduce you to the history of the two delicious beverages, with respect to the location, the unique decoration, the commercial and social impact on the city, and the celebrities who made the reputation of all of them.  This glorious tradition was handed over through generations up to Modern Age, and still today you can treat yourself in a distinguished chocolate store in the district of Castello renowned for its quality and the amazing variety of cocoa delights. With the help of the master chocolatier, you will enjoy a full sensory experience, and sample some premium chocolate of distinct smoothness, characteristic taste, and innovative flair. Like chocolate, coffee seemed exotic, even magical, and soon aroused the interest of those who operated at the Rialto trade centre. After a long time, the market area still boasts some excellent coffee houses, where people take a break from the bursting surroundings. You will taste some samples of local Espressos, a smooth and a strong blend, compared with an African single origin, where coffee beans are native to, served with delicious Venetian cookies. It will balance the bitterness of the concentrated drink and leave a vivid memory of an exciting Venetian experience!


  • Peggy Guggenheim collection tour for kids and families

  • Masks and puppet tours for children

  • Hard Rock Cafe in Venice with meals


So many more ideas for you and your children

From gondolas and masks to in the track of poetry, from opera and music to Venice and the Plague,

photography to on the tracks of writers and movie locations......


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