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This expert-led private tour follows the traces left by World War II in Catania. You will visit the historical city centre and see the main monuments that were struck by the 1943 bombing. Nowadays, you can still wander around the city and spot the scars on its palaces, squares, and streets, despite being covered or hidden during the reconstruction.

We will look for those buildings that became shelters for the population or headquarters for the Allies while uncovering real stories and anecdotes from this historical period.

Then we will visit the Allied Landings Museum and enjoy an interactive show of the events that took place between the 10th of July and the 17th of August 1943, during World War II and the renowned “Operation Husky”. The museum includes bunker reconstructions, videos, photos, models, statues, original clothing, and documents belonging to the war period. You will also have the chance to see images captured by distinguished war photographer Phil Stern, who followed the American Allied troops during their landing in Sicily. The tour lasts for up to 2 hours.


- Operation Husky: The allied landing in Syracuse

- Operation Husky:: The allied invasion of Sicily between Gela and Licata


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