“I always refused to create another Espace anywhere other than in Merano. Until the day when two worlds met - Spazio Chenot and Terra Moretti. I was seduced by the creativity, the desire to grow, to improve, and to discover new horizons; but also by the simplicity, the ability to listen. My wife, Dominique, and Enjoy one of the best luxury spa hotels in Italy, an oasis of well-being. decided to create a new way of pampering oneself, in order to achieve true natural beauty, enabling people to rediscover harmony without gimmicks, giving new light.” Henri Chenot

Amongst one of the best luxury Spa Hotels in Italy: Espace Chenot Health Wellness SPA, is a SPA in Franciacorta which best represents the ideal of absolute well-being, a space exclusively dedicated to self-care, according to a rigorous method strongly rooted in the principles of medicine, capable of bringing the body back to its maximum psychophysical form.

Espace Chenot is one of the two exclusive medical & wellness SPA signed by Chenot in Italy and has a highly qualified team of over 30 professionals, including Doctors, Therapists, Dietitians, Therapist Assistants, Osteopaths, Beauticians, and of course, Reception Managers and Receptionists.


Designed by Ettore Mocchetti, Architect and AD Italia Director, Espace Chenot expresses in its architecture designed for balance among full and empty spaces, among light, shadows, and water games - the same search for harmony that animates its being.

In this SPA in Franciacorta, natural light is plowed to wrap the space that develops on an area of 2,000 square metres, divided into two levels: the first one start with a reception area favoured by soft architectural volumes and curved lines; an area dedicated to medical departments follows, with areas dedicated to energy tests and dietary evaluations.


In the Herbal Tea Area, you can always find a different selection of herbal teas and infusions with drainage and antioxidant properties. From here, you get to private cabins for treatments: maximum privacy and direct contact with nature blend together to maximize the benefits of therapies. The area on the ground floor is dedicated to hydro-treatments and aqua-fitness.

A vast swimming pool with counter-current swimming and five types of whirlpool dominate the space of the Chenot SPA; next to which there is a sauna and a steam bath with aromatherapy along with a large gym equipped with the latest generation of Techno gym machines. Last but not least, in the most intimate heart of this evocative path, conceived and constructed according to the Chenot method, a reserved space, with an enveloping circular shape, is the realm of hydrotherapy, mud applications, and hydro-jets.



A range of packages are available and some examples below



Facial and body treatments are combined to provide a visible radiant difference to the face and to relieve tension from the body allowing for deeper core breathing and balance.



  • Bio-Light diet

  • 1 Chenot Body Scrub

  • 1 Chenot Regenerating Massage

  • 1 Chenot Relax Massage

  • 1 Ultrasonic facial cleansing

  • 1 Facial mesotherapy treatment with a hyaluronic acid session

  • 2 Pilates sessions of 45 min.

  • Free access to the gym, indoor pool, sauna, and steam bath with colour therapy.



This programme aims to familiarize you with your fitness performance potential, your physical strengths and weaknesses, and how you can improve them to optimize your health and improve your well being regardless of your age. The treatments are personalised to the needs of each individual and are constantly monitored by specialised medical personnel. Includes:


  • Bio-Light diet

  • Sports check-up - Cardiorespiratory assessment

  • 1 Postural and movement assessment

  • 1 Body composition analysis

  • 1 Nutritional consultation

  • 2 Chenot Connective tissue massage

  • 2 Phyto-Mud Therapies

  • 2 Hydro-jet treatments

  • 2 personal training sessions of 60 min.

  • Outdoor activities

  • Free access to the gym, indoor pool, sauna, and steam bath with colour therapy.



This programme consists of the unique Chenot Method of treatments and diet plan that together aim to stimulate the body to eliminate the toxins that have been accumulated over time. Following an initial bioenergetics check-up to evaluate the energy flows and blocks within, the body, treatments are personalised to the needs of each individual and are monitored constantly by specialised medical personnel. Includes:


  • Full board with a Detoxifying diet

  • 2 Nutritional consultations at the start and the end of the programme

  • 1 Body composition analysis

  • 1 Bio-energetic check-up

  • 4 Chenot Bio-energetic treatments

  • 6 Chenot Energetic massages

  • 6 HydraAromatherapies

  • 6 Phyto-mud therapies

  • 6 Hydro-jet treatments

  • Free access to the gym, indoor pool, sauna, and steam bath with colour therapy.


Other options are available or why not just enjoy a day at the spa…



For those who feel the need to escape for a day in the luxurious SPA of the resort in Franciacorta or want to follow a programme on a day-to-day basis because they lack the time to get away for several days.


  • Bio-Light Lunch


  • 1 Chenot Energizing massage of tendon and muscle tissue

  • 1 Hydro-Aromatherapy with Hydro-Massage

  • 1 Phyto-Mud Therapy


Free access to the gym, indoor pool, sauna, and steam bath with colour therapy.


Also available: Personal training, Yoga, Pilates, Water-gym, and Functional training.  Quote, reference 1824.



Heading 1




2018: Winners of the "Condé Nast Traveler Spa Smartest Detox Escape 2018" award. Grateful for the contribution and care of all the staff, we wish to share with you this extraordinary emotion!


April 2018: It's time to heal your skin and we believe in immediate results! We know your time is precious. That’s why we offer you the most loved treatment of Hollywood stars, which with only one session allows you to get a bright and purified face, ensuring an immediate result in the shortest possible time. Suitable for all skin types, with Hydrafacial MD ® you will have an excellent "non-invasive" alternative to the traditional filler or Botox. Hydrafacial MD ® is an extremely pleasant treatment for all those who love to have perfect, rejuvenated, and smooth skin. The cleansing of the epidermis has never been so effective, thanks to the 4-step action (exfoliation, peeling, extraction, hydration, and rejuvenation). A single session is enough to appreciate its many effects: deep cleaning, intense hydration, smooth and bright skin, anti-aging regeneration, colorful and uniform texture, filling, and reduction of wrinkles.

Why Not....

  • Mountain bike circuit training with an E-bike...

  • Use the fully equipped gym and get yourself fully toned. If you need an instructor to get you going, do ask

  • Check out Lake Iseo

  • Hike the hills or the countryside 

  • Visit Monte Isola, the island in the middle of Lake Iseo

  • Experience fish from the lake - Tinka or trench, oven-baked

  • Take a ferry ride but make sure you start off early as from one side to the other can take about 3 hours and you need to get back to the restaurant for your gourmet meal!

  • If you fancy a little bit of a swim or a few rays of sunshine, there is a beach known as La Spiaggetta

  • Wine tasting - The area is famous for sparkling wine and granted DOCG status in 1995. Find out more about the wines.... https://bit.ly/32ZHwXX 

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