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"Wine rejoices the heart of Man and Joy is the Mother of all Virtues"
 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Within the historical setting of a beautiful Venetian palazzo are a stunning collection of nine self-catering apartments. An extensive refurbishment has transformed this XVth century palazzo into a technologically advanced home which seamlessly combines the modern and the antique, balancing the original splendour of the historical building with the comfort of an up-to-date home.

Located in a residential area, close to some of the major tourist attractions, yet gently removed from the crowds. A lush garden flanking the canal offers an added respite from St. Mark’s hustle and bustle and is the perfect place for a book or a glass of Prosecco.  The early occupants of the building were the Morosini family, who gave birth to Domenico Morosini, Commander in Chief of the victorious galley which, in 1204, brought back to Venice as spoils of war of the Fourth Crusade the famous gold-plated quadriga, considered one of the city’s symbols. It is thought that the four horses had been part of a larger sculptural grouping adorning the entrance of Constantinople’s Hippodrome. The horses remained in the Arsenale for over fifty years and were only placed above the main entrance to the Basilica of St. Mark after 1261, to symbolise the fall of the so-called Latin Empire of the East. 

All the apartments are located in the lively and central San Polo district, which takes its name from its main square, the largest in Venice after Piazza San Marco, and from its church. Certainly, the most important area in this district is Rialto, with its bridge, the typical fish and vegetable market, and the church of San Giacomo di Rialto considered the oldest in Venice. Of great architectural and artistic importance are also the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari and the Chiesa di San Rocco. There are also two Great Schools, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, and the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista, with the adjoining church.

The San Polo district is also characterised by the highest concentration of traditional Venetian taverns: particularly typical Venetian bacari which serve the delicious Venetian ‘tapas’ "chiccheti’, as well as a variety of wines from both the Veneto area and other regions of Italy. The ‘Ruga Rialto‘, which is the main artery connecting the Rialto area to Campo San Polo is lined with a variety of shops, many still run by Venetian artisans selling locally-made goods ranging from Italian leather to clothing, to accessories.

The apartments can accommodate from one to six people and are equipped with every comfort: from efficient and quiet temperature control to heightened safety and security control settings and home automation systems. There are 6 one-bedroom apartments, 2 two-bedroom apartments, and 1 three-bedroom apartment.

One-bedroom apartments…

Rafano - A refined duplex of 80 sqm featuring a double bedroom, a living room, and two bathrooms. Ideal for a young couple or family. Located on the second and third floor of the palazzo, with views on the palace’s picturesque and quiet inner court and canal.

Rabarbaro - Located on the third floor, Rabarbaro is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment measuring 70 sqm. The apartment’s interior design features a palette of natural tones, with dashes of brass, gold, and orange.


Mirto - An independent one-bedroom maisonette with dual access. This 40 sqm space is evenly distributed on two levels and is made up of a double bedroom, a living room with an open kitchen and bathroom.

Ginepro - Located on the second ‘piano nobile’ of the palazzo. Composed of a double bedroom, an eat-in kitchen, and two bathrooms. With a lavish quality yet an understated elegance which makes it a perfect space for both relaxing and entertaining.

Cayenna - Located on the first floor of the palazzo, this is a lovely 50sqm apartment boasting a living room with an open kitchen, a bathroom, and a double bedroom with a private terrace.

Aneto - Located on the ground floor of the palazzo. With a living room, a double bedroom, an eat-in kitchen, and a bathroom. The apartment also has a picturesque outdoor area where one can relax and entertain.

Two-bedroom apartments

Zenzero - This elegant 110sqm apartment offers the ultimate Venetian abode. Zenzero is located on the first floor also called ‘piano nobile’ or ‘noble floor’ and is made up of two bedrooms, an eat-in kitchen, two bathrooms, and a large living room with a balcony.

Coriandolo - A jaw-dropping 74sqm apartment boasting stunning views over Rio de San Polo. Made up of two double bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room with an eat-in kitchen.

Three bedroom apartment

Anice - Located on the second ‘piano nobile’, Anice is the largest and most spectacular apartment. This stately residence includes a large living room, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a dine-in kitchen, and gorgeous canal views.

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While enjoying your stay at this wonderful palazzo, why not...

- Fashion designers for Paropamisa Venice with a welcome coffee and small aperitif included. Paropamiso Venice is a company known for its innovative range of Murano glass bags and jewels, Carlo and Giovanna, the owners, decided to launch a “call for ideas” to fashion designers from all over the world to create prototypes, with ethnic influences, without losing the strength of the specific local tradition of this unique handicraft. Giovanna will be your tour guide with a great love for the city and its traditions. She grew up in a family of glass merchants and became part of another family with a great passion for glass pearls that she uses for the production of jewellery and bags.  Up to 2 hours.


  • Meeting with Giovanna who will introduce the task to be achieved for Paropamiso

  • Fashion designers are helped to develop ideas. You will visit the ancient Cannaregio Sestriere, known since 1292 for the production of pearls

  • Meeting with Andrea, a well-known glass pearls antiquarian collector and merchant. Immersion in the history of pearls from the Middle Ages to today, surrounded by the immense and authoritative collection in his showroom “Perle a Venezia”

  • Within the Paropamiso workshop, designers are asked to try their hand at creating a jewel bag

  • Carlo, the Paropamiso owner, will examine the creations to choose the best models which will be included in the new collection

  • Thanks, toasts, and celebrations with Prosecco and Burano biscuits

- Invitation to the Carnival Grand Ball. The Carnival Grand Ball in Venice is an exclusive party, which becomes even more special for guests who know the period dances, especially those of the ‘700s. for example the fabulous Minuetto. Rely on Monica, a Venetian DOC, and expert in Venetian Carnival traditions. Monica will introduce you to the experts in the Carnival and its traditions: dance masters and costume designers will transform you into an authentic Venetian nobleman of the ‘700. The tour will take place on foot and will last between 2 to 4 hours. 


  • Meeting with Monica and an introduction 

  • Masks and costume rehearsal in a typical Venetian atmosphere of the ‘700s at the “Sogno Veneziano” atelier

  • Tasting of a special hot chocolate using an eighteenth-century recipe at the historical; artisan chocolate shop “Vizio e Virtù”

  • A walk through the streets and “Campi” where Monica will talk to you about the history and traditions of the Venetian Carnival

  • There will be Minuet and other dance rehearsals with a dance master in the comfortable halls of a Gothic building that now houses the hotel “La Corte di Gabriela”. 

  • Rehearsal for that invitation to the ball

  • Delivery of invitations and celebrations with toasts and “Cicchetti” (Venetian finger food)

- Reveal the architecture of a Hidden Venice. The American magazine Architectural Heritage Online has launched a call for creatives who want to grapple with the promotion of  Venetian architecture which still remains unknown. Stefano, architect, draftsman, and passionate about architecture is the coordinator of the project that will lead creatives to discover and document a precious and authentic Venice with the aim of publishing their own material on an insert of the magazine. " With me, you will be able to free your artistic talent as a designer or photographer to immortalise a wonderful, unique, and evocative Venice still little unknown and waiting to be discovered."


  • Meeting with the eclectic Stefano, delivery of the participation kit, discussion, and introduction

  • The map will guide participants through a series of places where it will be possible to identify architectural details to be captured with a sketch or a picture, schematic traces will help the shyest in their drawings

  • The path among “Calli and Campi” will help to develop the knowledge of the labyrinth of the historical city.

  • The sketches will be examined in a real Venetian artist’s atelier, especially commissioned by the Architectural Heritage Online magazine

  • Awards, celebrations, and surprises at a typical Venetian bacaro

Other Exclusive tours are available. Quote, Reference  4479a.

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