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Palermo is the city of contrasts and In order to appreciate its beauty, it is necessary to tolerate its flaws. The strong personality of the Palermitani, the colours of the churches, the smell of the open-air markets, and the story of the traditions make Palermo unique in the world. Our tour will develop amongst the narrow streets of the most charming markets of the town: Capo and Ballarò. We will take part in several experiences that will involve all of our senses thanks to the contact with the true "Siciliano".



The puppet tradition is steeped in Sicilian culture. Thanks to the passion and the sacrifice of people like our "puparo", it can still survive modern times. Behind an anonymous door, the puppet maker will reveal the secrets of his chaotic studio of glove, hand, and rod puppets. He will tell you the heroic deeds of the knights and will show you how to make and steer a puppet.

Smell & Taste

It's not necessary to know the way to reach this laboratory, because the smell of aniseed, ginger, licorice, cinnamon, and carob will directly lead you to the location, hidden in the labyrinth of the narrow alleys. We will see the confectioners making magnificent candies according to an ancient tradition. 


The owners of an old street-food shop will prepare the main specialities of the Palermitano street food, eaten at lunchtime by the starving regulars of the market. Finger-Lickin' good!


Have you ever heard a tailor at work? The tour will finish at Andrea’s, a tailor-musician, who plays the mandolin between the hemming a dress or patching of a jacket. 



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