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An Invitation To Vulcano

The perfect location and resort to get away from it all. Providing the perfect balance of body and soul in the wellness spots located on the vibrant island of Vulcano, one of the Aeolian Islands. Achieve a total remise en forme with the warm water, muds, and relaxing steam generated by a land consecrated to well-being. The resort’s spa fully expresses the true essence of the island: expert hands provide reinvigorating massages and personalised beauty treatments. The spa boasts an indoor pool of warm water, a whirlpool tub, a sauna, a Turkish bath, and an emotional shower: the right path towards harmony and relaxation.


The ideal location for a honeymoon, special anniversary and more… Enjoy a 5-course dinner in the 1 star Michelin restaurant or why not unwind with a couple’s massage on the terrace with sea view at sunset…add a boat tour, diving and snorkelling lessons, a discovery of Vulcano by scooter, for example, and you have found perfection.  Quote Reference: 3698.

Enjoy a range of treatments

  • Facial treatments 

  • Body treatments - Body scrub with volcanic sand, herbs, and oil; Vulca Ritual; Antistress-Antifatigue Volcanic Mud Wrap; Hydrating Wrap

  • Massages - Sicilian citrus relax; beauty draining and/or firming; muscle antistress; localised deep tissue (Deep and strong localized massage to release chronic muscle tension and stiffness); Maori® Massage (Diabasi Registered Trademark) consists of a deep manual and instrumental technique without excessive pain, with benefits for skin, tissues, and muscles. This technique uses particular instruments in beech wood that allows clients the possibility to obtain important benefits. The massage is performed following the characteristic Maori tattoo lines; Thai, oriental finger-palm pressure technique that rebalances the energetic and postural system; bioenergetic, It identifies body areas that are blocked with tension and also lacking in energy, thus rebalancing it; hot stone where volcanic stones are applied on specific body areas, with draining and relaxing effects; reflexology; mother and child, a sweet and pampering moment for mummy and her little one; Aeolian treatment, Talasso therapeutic treatment is based on the effects of a marine climate (sun rays and marine aerosol) on the body, together with seawater bathing. To take advantage of the beneficial effects we recommend relaxing on the sunbeds located on the spa terrace, enjoying the sun and sea air.

  • For that romantic moment why not enjoy our Love 2 package - Vulca Zeolite Mask + Sicilian Citrus Relax Massage for her and a  facial Massage + Sicilian Citrus Relax Massage for him or we can go for a full macho man package - body scrub, regenerating facial, antistress volcanic mud wrap and 2 localised deep tissue massages.


The ascent of the Gran Cratere is the best and most exciting excursion available on Vulcano. This is not a difficult activity, as it is more like a walk among the broom and molten rocks of the volcano’s slopes. Feel the mountain’s breath as you ascend: it’s the fumarole that generates the thick fog of steam and gas emanating from the mouth of the crater. Here, the soil takes on a yellow and ochre colour and you can look down at the funnel-shaped crater. With the help of the guides, tourists can walk around the rim of the crater and across the Piano Delle Fumarole, wearing masks and handkerchiefs to limit the intense smell of sulphur. Spectacular scales of alum, sulphur, and melted metals are scattered around the top of the crater, reaching temperatures of up to 400°c. The view from this spot is incomparable: the archipelago in the palm of one’s hand with the farthest islands looking as if they floated above the water.

To the south of the island is Gelso, a tiny village locked between the old Lighthouse and Punta Bandiera. A quiet atmosphere that contrasts with the life of the harbour embraces the village’s few houses. Madonna Delle Grazie, the first church to be built on Vulcano, lies on the outskirts of the village. On July’s first Sunday, the vulcanari carry the Virgin in procession on a boat that goes from Scario al Faro to Punta Bandiera. Tourists are attracted by Gelso’s strands of black sand: Spiaggia di Cannitello and Spiaggia dell’Asino. Do not leave this solitary and fascinating place without first stopping at one of the trattorias to enjoy local gastronomic delights like fresh fish, Vulcano’s goat cheese and ricotta, and a glass of good red wine.

Enjoy the Black Sand Beach of Porto Ponente, and its volcanic origins; Fumarole Beach where the water is warmed by the underwater hot springs; the solitary Gelso Beach, where you can gaze out at the Sicilian coastline and Mt. Aetna; intimate Asino Beach, which you can reach by sea or land, a place to be alone together.

Sabbienere Beach. Set like a precious diamond in the Baia di Ponente, Sabbie Nere is a small and simple, yet really charming beach that will amaze you from dawn to dusk. This beach, indeed, with its shallow waters, is also ideal for children, who can swim and play without being in danger, but, with its pure and transparent waters, is also ideal for divers. Very busy during high season, Sabbie Nere beach is perfect for a romantic aperitif or a drink, especially at sunset, when the sky turns red...

Acque Calde Beach.  This beach is also known as “Vulcano thermal baths”, and is located in the beautiful and unspoilt Baia Levante. This volcanic beach is characterised by fine black sand and is famous for its incredible sea, a real open-air swimming pool. This beach takes its name from its hot healing waters, which are also ideal to enhance and protect skin beauty and sensitivity. Pamper yourself with the natural treatments you will find here. 

Asino Beach,. Black sand. An exclusive oasis surrounded by peace and quiet. 

The beach of Cannitello. A charming black sandy beach located on the south-eastern part of Vulcano with a view of the Straits of Messina. Not easy to reach therefore it is not as crowded as the others. Clear sea with shallow and sandy seabeds.



Enjoy the many mud baths which are available here. There are three different types of mud and thermal spring water on Vulcano. The abundant Pozza dei Fanghi, or Mud Well, contains a high concentration of sulphur and plenty of bubbles that release sulphuric gasses, salty water, and clayey mud. The warm sea or warm water areas are other places where it is possible to enjoy the benefits of Vulcano’s thermal spring water. Under the surface of the water are dozens of underwater fumaroles that release vapour to create something akin to a water massage tub. The benefits can be felt immediately. 

Rent a scooter or quad bike. Discover the streets and alleys of Vulcano and head off the beaten track.

Rent a boat and enjoy the Aeolian islands. This is a great way to enjoy your surroundings. The boats and dinghies are available with or without a skipper, they are modern and equipped with every comfort. Have lunch in one of the restaurants in Lipari, Salina or Panarea, or stay on board and have a great picnic lunch prepared by the chef.

Go Diving... there is just so much to discover. Or snorkelling. The volcanic ridge of Capo Grillo is one of Vulcano’s best snorkeling spots. A vertical wall colonised by sponges and sea stars, dotted with rocky coves inhabited by anemones, octopuses, stone brasses, morays, and parrotfish.  At a depth of 25 metres, by Capo Testa Grossa and the cliff of Quaglietto lies the statue of the Virgin Mary surrounded by red cherry shrimp. Snorkel at the cliff of Sirenetta, where a vertical wall gently slopes from 16 to a depth of 40 metres. Here, the sulphur springs colour the sand. A few more metres down you will see big scorpionfish, pencil worms, crinoids, sponges, and pentagon starfish emerge from the rocks, while groups of anthias and damselfish follow divers all around. To the north of Vulcanello is the charming snorkelling spot of Franata archipelago. At the foot of the cliff is a canal that separates the islands of Vulcano and Lipari. Here, colonies of Posidonia anticipate a steep slope that plunges to a depth of about 50 metres. This is a unique experience for committed divers.

Eat Eat and Eat some more...Grilled chicken or mutton, seafood like shrimps and mussel, Totani ripieni, spaghetti neri di sepia, involtini di Pesce Spada grilled over an open fire, all accompanied by a good house wine and not forgetting a traditional Sicilian dessert!

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