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Venetian Boating Holiday

We have teamed up with a local company in Italy that has been offering boating holidays since 1986. Offering a new way to enjoy your holiday, a self-drive boat rental. Easy to handle houseboats. They are a perfect way to spend an unforgettable boat trip with your family or group of friends. Chioggia (Venice) and Marano Lagunare (Udine) are ideal locations for nautical tourism and river cruises, they are a perfect start and end spot for your boating holidays. Moreover, a unique environment, that offers breathtaking scenery by boat all year-round. Enjoy the canals and rivers, seas and lagoons, from island to island, from beach to beach; cities, villages, parks, countries, sunsets, perfumes, tastes ….. and even more. At last, live a different type of holiday. 


Enjoy a wide selection of itineraries, which will lead you to discover the most famous Italian waterways (Veneto, Friuli V.G., Emilia Romagna, and Lombardy). Areas of outstanding scenic beauty by boat that host a flora and fauna of great natural value. Leave behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and follow the tranquillity of the waterways that will take you through the tastes, flavours, and fragrances to discover the culture and traditions of a very rich region. Ideal places for canal boating and slow holidays. Choose your river or sea cruise and every new glimpse will be a surprise, a discovery!  We have chosen and highlighted some possible routes for you, but no doubt, more itineraries can be planned and personalised just for you.


-       Venice Lagon

-       Sile River

-       Brenta Canal

-       Po Delta

-       Litoranea Veneta

-       Grado and Marano Lagoon

-       Po, Ferrara and Mantua



Ready to be Captain? Even if you have no prior experience, don’t worry, no license is required. Beginners are welcome and there will be someone at your side to help you. You will be shown everything you need to know during a briefing and demonstration. Then you're off enjoying your vacation. You will feel immediately at ease. The boats are simple to drive even without a license. Agile and safe to be manoeuvred, authorised for internal waterways and most of them for coastal and sea navigation.  The strength/speed-ratio of the boat is completely safe. The indoor and outdoor spaces have been designed in proportion to the use of the boat during all seasons. The boats are fully equipped and they grant a comfortable life onboard all year round.



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