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Punta Bianca, Gattopardo & Winery Tour

We will start from your accommodation and will drive you to the unique spot of Punta Bianca. This spectacular cliff is a white stone formation (similar but smaller than the Scala dei Turchi) overlooking the blue Sicilian sea. It’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. Our guide, through a wild path, will take you to a natural terrace on top of the cliff from where you’ll have an amazing view of the white stone and the intense blue colours of the sky and sea. The path will lead us to the half-deserted beaches beside it which are full of different kinds of shells and forms of wild life.
After this first stop we will proceed along the coast towards the coastal area of Palma di Montechiaro where the superb Castle of Chiaramonte 1353 A.C, (the only one built by the Chiaramonte family which is overlooking the sea) is perched on a rocky outcrop dominating the Mediterranean, here you will have the great and unique chance of visiting it. This castle, just over 5km from the village and recently restored, was built in 1353 by Federico III Chiaramonte and has played a major role in the defense of the island from pirate raids. The castle has also been part of the heritage of Prince Tomasi di Lampedusa.

The tour proceeds with an interesting stop at Monastero delle monache Benedettine (Monastery of Benedictine Nuns) which was built between 1653 and 1659 and it is located in a town square. This monastery is of great interest and has got a particular charm due to its cloistered nuns, Our Lady of the Dove Rosata, who still lives in the monastery and has no contact with the external world. However during our visit we will have the chance to interact with them through a very tiny hole which will allow us to speak with them and ask for the famous “Biscotti ricci” a tasteful local speciality which consists of biscuits made by ancient recipes. This delicacy is mentioned in the famous novel by Tomasi di Lampedusa. This is one of the few remaining cloistered monasteries in Sicily, where access is not allowed. 

At about 1330, we will have lunch in a restaurant where a traditional Sicilian lunch will be prepared for you with local and fresh food. 

The last stop will be at one of the most important vineyards in Sicily, a unique area at 400 metres above sea level in the South of Sicily and on the hills to the north-east of Campobello di Licata in the province of Agrigento. This is where you can find the 75 hectares – some 185 acres – of vineyards belonging to the Milazzo family. A grape growing area with a colourful mosaic of soils and the influence of a typical Mediterranean climate that makes wines with such an identity and an original character. As a highlight of the tour, you can taste wines directly from the tank or barrel and learn more about wine production and growing methods.


Outside Dinner

ALSO AVAILABLE so ask for details...only available as part of your holiday package....

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