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These dishes are created by our chef. Starting work in Tuscan taverns with traditional dishes, then working in international restaurants and the best Michelin star restaurants he created his own gourmet style of cooking. Wine is not included. The menus containing truffles may be subject to price variations depending on the seasonality of the truffle. There are some dishes and you can choose 1 dish for every food category to create your ideal 4 dish menu. 


Pappa al pomodoro flan (tomato flan) flan with ricotta cheese “heart”, crispy leeks and basil sauce

Ravioli Stuffed with wild boar served on Parmesan cheese fondue, dehydrated “Leccine” olives and pepper selection

Suckling pig back cooked at low temperature (porchetta style), wine demi glace and truffle mashed potato

Tiramisù charlotte, home-made apricot jam and crispy almond


Mozzarella and anchovies stuffed with crispy zucchini blossom served on a tomato gazpacho

Homemade potato gnocchi, sausage ragù and truffle served on a fennel cream

Braised beef cheek (“Peposo style”: garlic, black pepper, red wine, cooked slowly for 5 hours) served with “Chianti wine pear” and white beans

Vin Santo semifreddo, cantucci Biscuits, orange and chocolate


Poached egg (from the farm), served on asparagus cream, parmesan cheese and truffle

Potato and orange tortelli with duck ragù

Pan roasted Lamp chops, green peas and mint cream, toasted potato flan

Zabaione semifreddo, coffee custard, crispy pine nuts sable and black cherry



Parmigiana eggplant “flan” (Garlic and basil tomato sauce, pecorino cheese,

parmesan and mozzarella) with a basil sauce and parmigiano wafer

Small asparagus ravioli, bacon and onion sauce served on Carbonara cream (eggs and pecorino cheese)

Beef fillet mignon with sage and rosemary crust, Colonnata lardo, Chianti Classico sauce and stuffed onion

Apple cooked in saffron syrup, vanilla English custard and pine nuts



Chianina Beef Tartar, hazelnuts mayonnaise, mushrooms, rocket salad and truffle

––Carnaroli rice with Royal mushrooms, saffron and zucchini blossoms

Duck breast marinated in soy and green pepper ,after, pan roasted and served with roasted carrots and lime

Vanilla panna cotta with strawberries and white chocolate



Small Tuscan pork meat balls served on chick peas cream, parsley sauce and dry cherry tomatoes

Homemade pasta Cavatelli in “cacio e pepe” (cheese, butter and black pepper

cream) with Chianina beef tartar and lime on top

Free range chicken with “cacciatora sauce” served with artichokes

Millefoglie with orange custard, dark chocolate and peach



Pan roasted octopus served on cannellini beans and rosemary cream with sweet and sour shallot

Chestnuts and potato gnocchi with lobster, roasted tomatoes served on potato and rosemary cream

Pan roasted Mediterranean red Tuna and pistachio served with lemon smashed potato

Yogurt mousse with marinated season fresh fruits



Pan roasted scallops, carrots and ginger cream, toasted garlic and fresh origin

Spaghetti with zucchini, prawns, yellow curry and red pepperoni

Pan roasted sea bass fillet served with leeks, baby potato and lemon sauce

White chocolate mousse, passion fruit and banana


(The menu Names are the Names of the Chef’s family members)


. . . ON REQUEST . . .



The best quality of fresh fish will be selected depending on the season and the

catch of the day. It will be served in different types of styles: in a tartare, in a carpaccio, sashimi rolls..accompanied by fruits, citrus, salads, rice, vegetables, sauces etc….



Depending on the season we can use the best truffle to offer you a tasting of 4

dishes designed specifically for your tastes



Tell Us about your tastes, your favourite dishes, your favourite ingredients ... your desires and we will create a tailor-made menu for your perfect meal...



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