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This is the ideal place for those who realize that peace and quiet are essential ingredients to find the path towards inner peace. It’s a mystical place, the fruit of a long journey of self-discovery. The place is majestically located within the Umbrian valleys which amplifies the sense of spirituality which enchant the eyes and the soul.


 The “Celluzze” your rooms are like the cells used by the hermits in past times who in their small and simple spaces were able to find time for meditation and prayer. There are a total of  12 single rooms with a wrought iron bed, a shower. the accommodation and the toilet. The temperature in the rooms is always constant without a need for air-conditioning, There is underfloor heating for the colder months. Every detail has been taken care of, the bedding made of hand-made hemp yarn. Although the basic comforts are in the room, you will not find a telephone, TV or WIFI instead, you will find a comfortable stone desk by the window where one can be inspired while admiring the green surrounding valley.


Authentic and of The Food: a high quality, with the vegetables and herbs grown in the garden. The menu is basic and simple and reflects the simplicity and authenticity of where you are located, Tastes and smells which remind one of Umbrian traditions and small villages built near-by monasteries. The cuisine here is vegetarian, with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits served throughout the season; bread and pasta are homemade as are jams and cakes. In the winter months, all the meals are served in the Refectory where a large stone fireplace sits. In the summer and warm spring days outside spaces surrounded by trees and fabulous views of the woods are used.



The Essence of Relaxation: You can find an equilibrium here for body and mind, with a background of soft Gregorian chants…a space to unwind. You will enjoy every moment dedicated to relaxation, abandon yourself to the pleasures of it.  



There are a range of yoga programmes available; hands-on in the vegetable garden; Gregorian chant workshop; painting, horse-riding. What Else can you do when here....? ....


This is the ultimate location to really get away from it all. Reference: 4421.





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