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"Wine rejoices the heart of Man and Joy is the Mother of all Virtues"
 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You will fly into Bergamo and be transferred to Bergamo Alta, the beautiful historical centre where you will be staying at one of our charming B&Bs.  You will be spending 2 nights here. On day 2, you will enjoy a guided tour of Bergamo Alta where beauty stands in the journey itself, admiring terrific landscapes and lovely architectures. After visiting the ancient stronghold La Rocca, the main street leads up to Piazza Vecchia, the heart of the city, hosting one of Italy’s most ancient libraries along with the 52 metre-high tower, which can be climbed both on foot using the old "Funicolare" Ride. In the evening a tasting menu at the Taverna Colleoni dell’Angelo. Located on one of the most beautiful piazzas in the city, Piazza Vecchia, and housed in a building by the Italian architect Donato Bramante.

On day 3, you will pick up your car and head to a unique location. An intimate refuge able to regenerate body and soul, a special place for those who still believe in the possibility of enjoying the land and its traditions. There is an amazing simplicity here with a touch of luxury. You will be staying here for 4 nights.

The next day, a free morning to relax and unwind. In the afternoon you will enjoy the exclusivity of the spa from 1430 onwards, accompanied by a bottle of Bubbly. 

On Day 2, you will both enjoy a Pilates class.

On Day 3, a full body massage for up to 50 minutes. This will then be followed by a manicure and a pedicure.

On Day 4, free day to discover the surroundings, and that evening, we will book a table for 2 at the restaurant.


Romantic Upgrades:

- Enjoy your own personal yoga class

- Possible room upgrade

- Access to the Franciacorta golf club. Treat yourself to a round of golf on one of the prestigious golf ranges of the golf domain.

- Visit to local wine canteens - Contadi Castaldi and Bellavista wine

- Shop at the Bottega Di Mariella, a little treasure chest. Have fun discovering precious objects.  Giovanna Tedeschi manages it with extraordinary expertise and passion. A luxury that can be recognized in a thousand little details: the artisanship of cashmere, the perfect cut of a dress, the many suggestions of a fragrance created by an extraordinary "Nose", the uniqueness of a handmade jewel. Her research has no boundaries and collects the best that the world can offer in this secret corner of the hotel.

Chef’s table experience. To choose to dine at the Chef’s Table means to taste a sensorial experience through a 4-course menu created for you by chef Fabio Abbattista while seeing the brigade going fervently about their work. During this experience, you will be accompanied with stories about the specific features of each small producer he selected the secrets of each recipe and the inspiration and story held in each dish.

- Stay in the SUITE CABRIOLET. A romantic surprise awaits. At the touch of a button, the roof opens to reveal the sky. The balcony faces the surrounding vineyards and Lake Iseo. With a marble master bathroom with a hydro-massage tub and multi-functional shower. 

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