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This amazing enogastronomic tour, is a journey aimed at satisfying all your five senses. Your guide will offer you the possibility to taste a good lunch with fresh fish, cooked according to the best recipes of local Sicilian culinary tradition.
Morning: A visit to the centre of Sciacca to admire the most famous monuments and to learn the rich history of this marvellous town, admiring the beautiful panorama on the harbour from the piazza "Scandaliato." Lunch - Tasting local food in one of the restaurants selected by your guide to offer you the best of quality at convenient prices, with fresh fish combined with good local wines.
Afternoon: we will come down to the harbour of Sciacca and taste the famous "granulated lemon ice-cream" of "uncle Aurelio" with brioche and assisting with the reentry of the fishing-boats of the fleet from Sciacca, with the possibility of purchasing fish on the spot. 


Fishing in Sciacca
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