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Tantalise your taste buds on this small group tour. Trust in us and choose to live an authentic experience led by a local expert food connoisseur, who will take you through a number of Rome's neighborhoods to visit the most famous food markets, groceries, coffee shops, gelaterias, and restaurants in town.  Learn everything about Roman food style, how to orientate yourself among the huge offer of restaurants without falling into a tourist trap. Taste some of the delicious food and wines for which the city is famous, including mozzarella di Bufala, salami, pizza, mortadella, gelato, supplì, pasta......
From fried Cod fish in the Jewish ghetto to spices and vegetables in Campo Dei Fiori, ignite your senses and burn some calories. The personalised commentary from your foodie guide will include an overview of Italian culinary habits, a description of any seasonal events taking place at the time of your tour, and an introduction to selected specialities found in the main shops.  Learn how to order food in Rome and where to find the best food in town. Follow your nose and let your stomach lead the way through Rome on this delicious gastronomic journey! 

Mid-morning or mid-afternoon walking tour to market, restaurants, groceries, gelateria with tasting in different locations. Morning departure includes a visit to the market of Campo Dei Fiori that is closed in the afternoon.
What's included: Visit of Campo dei Fiori Market (except for the afternoon departures due to the closing time of the market). Best Pizza bianca with mortadella tasting. Water Buffalo Mozzarella cheese tasting with roman salami. Jewish ghetto groceries and tasting of typical Roman food (fried artichoke, supplì, codfish). Pasta tasting in Trastevere. Artisanal gelato in Trastevere. 




Food Tour Trastevere
Food Tour Trastevere
Food Tour Trastevere
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