FICO offers a series of experiences dedicated to adults, children, and whole families. Thanks to the many tailored activities and workshops, parents and kids can enjoy their time together at FICO and create special memories to treasure in time. FICO features a special place called «Agri-Bottega», entirely dedicated to children's activities such as creative workshops and games run by professionals.

The Italian Connection & Spirito Italiano have some great packages available on offer in partnership with Fico. The world's largest agri-food park. Covering an area of 8 hectares in Bologna, FICO embodies the wonders of Italian biodiversity via the following:


• 40 farming factories

• 40 restaurants and refreshment points

• 2 hectares of open-air fields and stables

• A market space

• Areas devoted to sport, children, reading activities and services

• 6 classrooms, 6 large educational “rides”, theatre and cinema facilities

• A congress centre accommodating from 50 to 1000 people

• A Foundation with 3 universities

FICO provides a unique experience and will offer many fun and educational experiences along its routes and within its grounds, for example:

• Discover Italian agriculture by visiting 2 hectares of open-air fields and stables housing more than 200 animals

• Understand food processing by visiting the 40 farming factories and observing how meat, fish, cheese, pasta, oil, beer, sweets, etc. are processed.

• Taste traditional Italian food at FICO’s 40 restaurants and refreshment points.

• Jump on a “ride” by exploring FICO’s 6 large educational “rides” dedicated to Fire, Earth, Sea, Animals, Wine, and Future.

• Learn and have fun by attending up to 30 events and 50 classes per day held in classrooms, theatres and learning facilities.

• Plan your meetings and conferences at FICO’s fully furnished Congress Centre accommodating from 50 to 1000 people. Inside the park, visitors can decide to walk or cycle on their own or guided by FICO’s biodiversity ambassadors.








We have a range of great packages to be combined with your accommodation in Bologna…


Riding the Carousel: The Carousels are designed for travellers who like to get to know the real soul of FICO with their own eyes and intuition. After a warm welcome from our Ambassadors of Biodiversity, travellers will be free to visit the Park on their own. With 6 multimedia educational rides to awaken the senses and a tasty lunch-stop in one of the dining options. Included is the Fico Kit. Be part of a group of up to 20 or we can arrange private tours for you.


Experience Fico: With our customised private tours. These proposals are suitable for individuals who want to discover FICO just with their group of friends and with our Ambassadors of Biodiversity entirely dedicated to them.




The Fico Grand Tour: Gives visitors a taste of  little Italy. From the factory of mortadella to the chocolate factory, from the meats of Piedmont to Sicilian «cannoli», going through vineyards, stalls and green houses. The FICO Grand Tour varies on the basis of the different seasons, in order to respect the life-cycle of food production.


From Field to Fork: These tours are all about implementing food production related knowledge. «From field to fork» tours are therefore focused on food chains. The confectionery chain will let visitors get immersed in a world full of sweets, whereas the milk chain will let them understand the direct relationship between milk and the infinite quantity of Italian cheeses. FICO embraces the 6 main food chains and therefore there will be an ad-hoc tour for each of them.


The nature of FICO: Designed to discover how the climate and the weather have a direct impact on agriculture and breeding. This tour will be dedicated to the visit of stalls and live animals. There will be a direct contact with the animals, for example cows, pigs and bees. Further time will be spent within the green areas, in between the cherry trees and green houses. As history teaches, trees and plants have a precise life-cycle. This means that «The Nature of the FICO» tour will change throughout the year, in order to respect different typologies of the life cycle.


The Factories: The factories of FICO are the pulsing heart of the park and therefore there will be an ad-hoc tour entirely dedicated to them. Thanks to the experience of the ambassadors  and the mastery of the farmers, it will be possible to understand the steps in between the raw materials and the finished products which have become the secrets of making these products internationally recognised.























The School of FICO is designed for curious and proactive travellers, who like to test their skills under the guidance of Professionals who work the raw materials daily. “The School of FICO" is an experience designed for those who prefer an interactive approach and, together with our craftsmen, wish to actively experience Italian rural excellence. Courses are also suitable for families. The course will be entirely dedicated to a private group of people who wish to attend or you are part of a group of up to 20. Kit Included.


Here are some examples of courses available to you….


School of the Earth: Learning activities linked to the earth: seeding, gardening, vegetable growing...


The Factory: Learning activities linked to food processing: home-made beer, brewery courses, baking courses...


The School of Taste: Learning activities for a sustainable consumption.


At School with Uncle Toby: Ad hoc family experiences to better understand FICO’s farming animals, and to discover their habits and needs.


Learning about Sustainability: Learning about the relationship between people, environments and nutrition.


The School of Wellbeing: Learning experiences about the relationship between nutrition and health: herbal medicine courses, etc.


Or…. Even  


“The perfect cut” (Antica Ardenga)

“Mortadella Show” (Mortadella World)

“Pasta Experience” (Di Martino)

“Blind tasting” (Granarolo)

“Anyone can become a Sfoglino” (SfogliAmo)

“Discovering Artisangelato” (Carpigiani)

“From the seed to the chocolate” (Venchi)



How it all works…


Welcome: The group of visitors will receive a warm welcome by our Ambassadors of Biodiversity. During these 30 minutes, visitors will have the possibility to have a brief introduction to the park and all its peculiarities.


Educational rides: These multimedia rides are located in 6 different areas of the park and the visit of all of them requires around 1 hour and 30 minutes. The visit doesn’t require assistance and can be enjoyed independently.


Lunch or dinner: The tasting experience can be lived as a moment together with the whole group or as individuals. Booking this for you has to be arranged in advance and the whole group has to choose the same typology of menu, if you are part of a group. If you are booked as a private tour we will provide you with the options available and you get to choose your restaurant. All the restaurants and kiosks guarantee at least one of the three typologies of menu.


Guided tour with the Ambassador of Biodiversity: Travellers booked on the Discovery of FICO” will be accompanied by one of our Ambassadors of Biodiversity throughout the park. The length of the tour is of 1h 30 mins.

Courses: The courses on offer last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and they are all about direct experiences connected to Fico's field, earth and factories. The typology of the course varies during the year depending on the seasons and the topics range from agriculture to sustainable consumption, from tastings to cooking classes.


There are 40 refreshment points restaurants, bars, and street food stalls. Some examples:


  • Meat restaurant

  • The truffle restaurant

  • Vegetarian restaurant

  • Pasta restaurant

  • Osteria of the most beautifulvillages of Italy

  • FICO Cocktail Bar

  • Pizzeria

  • Piadina bistro

  • Smoothie street-food

  • The Winery

  • The Kiosk of Italian Regions

  • The Steet Food’s Classics

  • The Garden

A truly interesting experience.

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