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A wonderful location offering all the facilities one would expect. With 76 guest rooms and suites, gourmet dining, gym, and 3 elegant swimming pools…the perfect destination to take it easy. Reference: 3942.


The “Tuscan Retreat Cookery programme”. Created by stellar chef Gordon Ramsay and the Resident Chef Stylianos Sakalis, the programme is a journey into the true essence of Tuscan and Italian cuisine, highlighting the finest dishes and freshest ingredients from the region. Dates for 2019 to be finalised.


Guests are taught how to recreate dishes featured here in their own home. The programmes offered are beginner’s classes and advanced, followed by dinner, and guests can choose to focus on local specialities or Italian traditional dishes.

Beginning in the afternoon in the kitchen (from 15:00 pm), the Chef and a member of his brigade will brief you on the signature dishes that you will learn to create, explaining the ingredients and preparation methods that are fundamental to the dishes. Courses will have up to a maximum 5 persons attending, and each guest will receive one to one guidance and tuition.

After the demonstration and cooking, guests will move on to the restaurant for dinner. The chefs will recreate the dishes for you to enjoy together with wines selected by our Sommelier that complement the menu and will explain the reasons for the selection. Dessert and coffee will follow and each guest is presented with the recipe cards of the dishes created to take home as a memento and of course for reference in recreating the dishes at home.


The Classic Tuscan courses will be followed by dinner in the Tuscan restaurant “La Cantina” (3 courses, beverages excluded), while for the Classic Italian Course dinner will be in the gourmet restaurant “Contrada”* (4 courses, beverages excluded).



Classic Tuscan – Beginner level, duration 2 hours Traditional “Pappa al pomodoro” AND Cantucci biscuits.

Activity: Traditional “Pappa al Pomodoro” – Preparation, cooking, and presentation. Cantucci – preparation of dough and baking.


Classic Tuscan – Advanced level, duration 2 hours “Pici all’aglione” (typical  spaghetti from Siena). “Triglie alla livornese” (mullet).

Activity: Pici all’aglione – preparation and dough kneading, preparation and cooking of the sauce, presentation. “Triglie alla Livornese” – cleaning and filleting, preparation and cooking of the sauce, presentation.


Classic Italian – Beginner level, duration 2 hours. Homemade Ravioli with prawns, burrata cheese, courgettes coulis, and Tiramisù. ActivityHome-made Ravioli – preparation and dough kneading, preparation and cooking of the sauce, presentation. Tiramisù – preparation of cream, presentation.


Classic Italian – Advanced level, duration 2 hours - Beef tartare with arugola salad and Grana Padano cheese. Sea bass fillet in a potato crust with seasonal vegetables. “Panna cotta” with mixed berries and white chocolate. Activity: Beef tartare – meat selection, preparation, and presentation. Sea bass fillet - cleaning and filleting, preparation and cooking, presentation. “Panna cotta” – preparation and presentation



Indicated activities, the portfolio of recipes and the cookery school apron.

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