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The feeling of freedom, the closeness to nature, the smell of the flowers, are all things that are experienced on one of these trips. Italy with its huge artistic heritage, its 7458 km of coasts, the Alps, the Dolomites, and the Apennines, Italy is the ultimate country to tour by motorbike. The abundance of wonderful roads with awesome panoramas and bends makes this form of tourism not only fun but also the only way to really get to know authentic Italy. Italy outside the big cities, packed with amazing monasteries, abbeys, medieval villages, castles, and fortresses that are hardly accessible by other means of transport.



Visiting Italy by motorbike allows riders a wider daily schedule (you are much less affected by traffic and parking conditions). During a day on the bike (covering from 180 to 230km), you can visit up to two to three important artistic/historical sites passing through parks, natural sceneries, and ever-changing panoramas, including a nice lunch break. For those who don't know Italy, we assure you that 200km per day on roads selected especially for their turns is no problem! Furthermore, the tours are always organised taking into consideration specific traffic and weather conditions in the area so that your driving pleasure is always perfect. With our tours, you will feel as though you are with friends and not in a foreign country.



We also give the food and wine aspect its due importance programming visits and tastings to cheese factories, wine cellars, and prosciutto factories. In a week, usually two regions are covered, thus granting visitors a varied experience of traditional Italian cooking and some glimpses of haute cuisine. The pre-packaged tours which usually cover more than one region, are of general interest, in other words, they include every kind of excellence.  With these tours, there is the possibility of visiting 38 of the 51 Italian world heritage sites protected by UNESCO. Custom-made tours can also be arranged. Usually convenient for a group, they can also be adapted for one person. Custom-made tours are engineered according to your specifications, thus becoming completely bespoke holidays. 


We can also arrange the rental of bikes for you or you can enjoy these tours with your own bike. There is a range of bikes for you to choose from when preparing for your escapade, a list which we are only too happy to provide. From BMW bikes to Ducatis, Kawasakis to Guzzi, Harley Davidson to MV Agusta. The bike of your choice will be subject to availability at the time of booking.


Below you will find a range of pre-arranged possible tours,

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