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“The Duchess invited me to stay for lunch and let me explore… The place was a riot of Mediterranean vegetation, pines, flowers, trees, cacti. Through the foliage were dramatic glimpses of Positano, an opera set with dramatic mountains behind it.” Franco Zeffirelli. 


Spread between four villas, each of the suites available offers a unique blend of carefree comfort and careful attention to detail. Named and decorated by maestro Zeffirelli himself and his team, each room presents a different face from the extraordinary cast of the Villa's rich history. The 4 villas contain a total of 15 unique guest suites that include combinations of private gardens, plunge pools, terraces and of course balconies, all with views of the sea. Uniquely decorated, each suite reflects the respective achievements and themes, partly through the furnishings and the objets d'art.


While here enjoy the services and facilities on offer...all day breakfast through to midday snacks at the Club Lounge and main meals at the Maestro's restaurant. The selection changes daily and meals are accompanied by fresh fruit juices, cocktails, local and fine wines.  Reference: 4332.



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