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Love love it and it is just so hard to choose our favourite. A palazzo by the sea in the attractive region of Lazio. Step back through the centuries and discover romance and Pompeian parties or relax in its contemporary style. A retreat where you really get to be away. The Getty and the Medici suites combine the finest rooms in the palazzo.


Your room is majestic, furnished by someone who takes a deep pleasure in beautiful art and historic pieces, indeed it was the room of a man who could afford anything in the world. Here a 16th-century Venetian chest, there a 17th century armchair from Northern Italy, on the table a four hundred year old decorative case with an inlay depicting the Judgement of Solomon, walls hung with Meissen porcelain, floors swathed in rich woven carpets. The sea is presented through the suite’s handsomely framed windows, as if commanded ‘Canute-like’ by the occupant. The bathroom has a rich Renaissance atmosphere with antiqued mirrors, lantern lights, ornate copper taps, and all is fitted to contemporary excellence. Then there is the Medici suite, the bathroom of which is framed by two marble staircases. Both suites can accommodate 2 to 3 guests with a sea view.


With a private Beach Club, beauty centre and sports, for active mornings and lazy afternoons. Swing in the garden hammock, stroll from topiary to tennis courts and stride from fitness trail to pool. Put body, mind and spirit in the hands of the massage therapists and let stress drift away on the flickering candlelight and scented air and enjoy the perfection of the food here. Chef Antonio believes, ‘We must be able to eat a dish with our eyes closed and understand everything without looking, where each flavour has its own moment’, a promise immediately fulfilled with a perfect pillow of homemade bread in a crusty case and the most delicately aromatic olive oil. Reference 3020.



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