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Florence Cathedral


A stunning and perfectly hand restored 15th-century villa which lies proudly on the hillside of Fiesole, with inspirational views of Florence and the rolling Tuscan landscape. A magical place, where our obsession for the perfect service and experience blends with the grandeur of the setting. A truly unique experience, a way to enjoy and be a part of both Florence and Tuscany that cannot be imitated. With a great restaurant, some great outdoor areas, spa and from the 6th of April to the 3rd of October you will also be able to enjoy the pools. Immersed in the green hills, with stunning and relaxing views, you will find it hard to believe you are lying just 15 minutes away from the hustle & bustle of downtown Florence.



For your stay here, we have selected the following suites: 



Melodia Suite - Described as one of the most romantic suites in the world, the Melodia Suite is a truly grand space. Guests will enjoy an open living plan outfitted with sophisticated details. Original wood panelling surrounds the suite while an elegant and intricate fireplace takes centre stage below a delicately painted coat of arms. Its vast bathroom features an original oversized marble sink and can be opened to complete the ultimate open floor-plan. Located in the main house the Melodia Suite is 73 sqm. and the Affresco Suite - A dream-come-true for history and art lovers, this quintessential renaissance retreat is centered around a breath-taking 1886 fresco by Bruschi and features two oil canvases by Gabriel van der Leeuw, known as “Il Fiammingo”. This inspiring room seamlessly fuses Italy’s rich history with 21st-century sensibilities and sleek technology, offering a vast open living space and a unique bathroom complete with an ancient stone bath. Located in the main house the Affresco Suite is 73 sqm.  Quote reference: 3928.

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