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Choose from a range of private fishing trips which can also be part of a group however this will be subject to availability.

8 Hour Trip Blue-fin Tuna Experience: 

Welcome to the most exclusive deep sea fishing trip. big Bluefin Tuna are waiting for you. On this trip, you will have the possibility to see Bluefin Tuna feeding and you will have a chance to catch them. Mini bar is included in the tour. *Tips are not included in the price.* This trip can also be booked for 4 hour tour. 

8 Hour Trip Offshore

8 hours of offshore fishing. The techniques usually used are live bait trolling, drifting and high speed trolling. 4 hour experiences are also available. 

8 Hour Trip Inshore

The best techniques, depending on the season and day are experienced. This ranges from bottom fishing, live bait trolling and coastal trolling. In this trip, mini-bar on board is included. *Tips are not included in the price.* This trip can also be booked for 4 hours only.

Snorkelling in The Apulian Waters

This is a five hour excursion! The trip will stay inshore and offer you the possibility to swim in the wonderful Apulian waters. While snorkeling, you may have the possibility of encountering many marine creatures! The most common are: Octopus; Moray Eel; Conger Eel; Starfish Grouper; Sea Urchins; Hermit Crab; Stone Crab; Redfish; Barracuda Bluefish; Sardine Mackerel; Stingray. Included: Mini bar- Lunch- Snorkelling Equipment. Tips are not included in the price.*

On board aperitif morning or afternoon 

This is a 3 hour excursion. On this excursion, you will experience the beauty of the Apulian coast! You will have a taste of an Apulian traditional aperitif, which consists of Apulian wine and local snacks. Choose your favourite music in advance! This trip is highly recommended because it is a true Italian romantic experience, and...sometimes you may get to see dolphins! *Tips are not included in the price.* 

Full Day Adriatic Sea Experience

You will have exclusive use of the boat for up to 8 hours. The captain and the skipper will be there to help you and to guarantee your safety. During this day, do a spot of light fishing, swim the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, listen to some music while relaxing on board; all the necessary equipment will be provided.  A typical Apulian lunch will be enjoyed.  Half a day is possible. 

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