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Historical trails, the Hermitage of Assisi, the Sibillini Mounts, medieval villages perched on the hills, abbeys cradle of monasticism, tastings, nature ... There's everything in this green week, (5 days, 4 nights) for a walk between the Valle Umbra and the Sibillini Mountains via a different path every day, allowing you to discover new landscapes and ancient villages rich in history. It is also a journey to find the spirituality of this region, as you walk along the paths traversed by St. Benedict and St. Francis, paths rich in history and traditions that still survive and that we will learn together step by step. This is a group tour for a min of 8 persons. 


Or Why Not.....?  Italy's green heart, Umbria is a land unto itself, the only Italian region that borders neither the sea nor another country. Removed from outside influences, it has kept alive many of Italy's old-world traditions. You'll see grandmothers in aprons making pasta by hand and front doors that haven't been locked in a century. 4 days of trekking, to discover the beauty of the Umbrian Valley, from medieval villages perched on the hills to the art cities, surrounded by silver olive trees at every corner of this precious area of oil production (which of course you will have the opportunity to taste ...). The Umbrian Valley is famous for its high-quality extra virgin olive oil, made from different kinds of olives that find their highest expression on the limestone ground. Along the way, you will find many typical villages, along paths rich in history and tradition and pausing to sample the mills' "green gold". It will be an incredible journey crossing a landscape where time seems to have stopped and where traditions are still alive. All combined with the spirituality that is breathed in every corner here. This is a group tour for a min of 6 persons. 



Or Why Not.....? Mellow and discover the Abbey of Sant'Antimo and Gregorian chants.......This amazing wine and food tour begins with a drive along one of the most beautiful and ancient roads in Tuscany and around the city of Siena with its rolling and enchanting hills. On arrival, we will visit the historical village of Montalcino, and continue with a visit to the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, one of the most significant architectural remains of the Romanesque period. The abbey was built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries and its magnificence is enhanced by the surrounding landscape. According to legend, the Abbey was erected by order of Charlemagne in 781 AC.  We will then continue to a small producer of Brunello. We will visit the cellars and learn something about the origin and production of this world-renowned wine. We will taste the wine straight from the barrel during its evolution (DOCG Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino DOC) accompanied by a generous typical Tuscan lunch. We can visit the vineyards and enjoy the anecdotes and ”stories” on viticulture and production narrated by the winemaker.

On our way back we will make an additional stop (if we have time) at a wine producer for an organic wine tasting. Share a human experience and life and “explore” the lifestyle which is Italy listening to those who live it. You can establish a personal relationship with the farmers. Visits to farms will not just be a quick stop for a glass of wine, but a real “intercultural experience“



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