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When relaxing it is always best to put yourself in the hands of experts and what better experts than here. On the same wavelength as the hotel's philosophy, the main purpose of the staff is to get to know guests in order to satisfy their needs. While here we have:


  • The waters of Ischia: Renowned since antiquity for their extraordinary healing and regenerating properties, the mineral springs of Lacco Ameno belong to the class of salt-sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium waters and are "hyperthermal", gushing out at a temperature of 80°C. Studied since the early twentieth century by scientists, including Nobel laureate Marie Curie and certified by many medical publications for the many benefits they bring, both aesthetic and curative, they are called "Multi-Active Waters". The Mud of the Terme here, collected in the natural caves of the island of Ischia, is left for about six months in thermal water from which it absorbs the mineral properties and medicinal virtues.


  • An array of thermal and beauty treatments…from mud wraps to underwater massages, inhalation therapies to body and mind balance, Shirodhara treatment with Ayurvedic massage to stone therapy, spa beauty treatments to special fitness activities. Tell us a little more of what you are after and with our experts we will design the perfect pampering session for you. Here are just a few weekly stay ideas:




Nutrition & Wellbeing

Recommended finding physical harmony and well-being. Ideal to keep in shape through a correct and healthy lifestyle. Not only a diet. A team of experts who will offer a modern approach to food education, including motivational support, tasty cooking lessons, and focused spa treatments. Here, you will find the perfect shape with the help of a refined atmosphere where you feel at home, a Michelin-starred chef, and legendary spa water.

• Pasquale
• Psychologist expert in nutritional education
• Nutritionist

The programme lasts for 7 days and will provide expert advice with Palamaro, starred Michelin chef and his gourmet restaurant, who will teach you how to create some very tasty recipes with low calorific value.

The programme is usually from Saturday to Saturday (different dates may be agreed individually) and includes:


  • Full board treatment, drinks excluded

  • Medical examination to access the programme

  • Nutritional education and dietary counseling with the preparation of a balanced and customized food programme

  • Meetings with Nutritionists for progress checks

  • Individual and group psychological counseling (upon request)

  • Osteopathic evaluation

  • Bio-impedance test

  • 1 body scrub with spa shower'40

  • 1 personalised facial treatment'50

  • 2 mud wraps extra slim

  • 2 beauty massages'45 or 2 lymph drainage with Tailor Made "extra-slim product of the new line RIforME cosmetics line

  • 2 massages with mud'45

  • 1 osteopathic treatment

  • 6 assisted vascular treatments

  • 2 endermological treatments "LPG"

  • 6 sessions of group fitness with instructor'50

  • A daily free infusion from the Life Bar at SPA

  • Free access to sauna and hammam (after consultation), indoor thermal pool, fitness area, relax room


Or why not try out our Energy balance….which favours and rebalances vital energy through stimulation of the body’s vital points.


• 1 Tui na Face 30' or Liftmassage 
• 1 Tui na 45' or Stone Therapy
• 1 Shiatsu 45'
• 1 Aroma massage 45' or reflexology 45'
fiboblasts are stimulated to increase collagen and elastin production by mechanical massage)
• 1 personalised massage '60

• 1 Ayurvedic massage 50'


Or some Vital energy

Provides well being as well as movement through a series of personalised activities.

• Holistic consulting
• 3 sports massage 45'
• 1 Ku Nye 45' or Tui na body 45’
• 2 Tui na Face 30'
• 3 Aqua bike or Aqua Gym 40'

• 3 fitness sessions supervised by PT (Circuit Training, Cardio fitness)


Face and Body Relaxation

A relaxing treatment that alleviates tension caused by daily stress.

Anesthesiology consulting
• 2 thermal water massage or different hydrotherapy
• 2 sauna or Turkish bath (Hammam) or “Awakening of the Senses” bath
• 1 Tui na body 45’ or Tui na face 30'
• 1 
facial treatment or Liftmassage 30'
• 1 Ayurvedic massage 50'
• 1 anti stress massage 45' or Reflexology 30' or Oasis 30'


Packages for shorter stays are available.


While here take advantage of a range of facilities...the charming island of Ischia, an island that celebrates life. 2700 years of history, 103 thermal wellness springs, and the largest of the Neapolitan islands, about 30 km from Naples, measuring 10 km from east to west and 7 km from north to south, with 37 km of shoreline. Its highest peak is Mount Epomeo (787 m.). The climate is mild all year round. From hiring a boat for the day to enjoying a trip to the mainland or shopping... a range of options are possible just ask for details.

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