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Hi Rosa,


We had a great holiday. Everyone really enjoyed it.


Flights, train and transfers all went well. The drivers were very friendly. The only journey with a problem was the taxi organised to take us to Sorrento on a Sunday afternoon, which we organised. He didn’t turn up and communication was difficult. We used the local taxi guy for several trips as the sea was sometimes unsuitable for the small boats. This worked well but the charges are high compared to home or Rome.


We loved the villa. The terrace is spectacular and we spent hours sat there watching the boats go by and the sunset. I miss it!  It is very clean but the cleaning charges did feel high and it was a bit of a pain having to pay this in cash. The gardener also seemed to come every day and hang around which was slightly annoying. (Sounds spoilt now I say it !)


We ate at some great restaurants. Our favourite was Bagni Delfino, Grand Marina in Sorrento. La Conca is in a beautiful setting but definitely a lunch destination to enjoy the beach club as well as the restaurant. 


The hotel in Rome worked really well. The service was excellent and it felt like a true oasis having the pool. Max said the gym was amazing. It was a short, cheap taxi ride to restaurants and the sites. The guides for the tours were brilliant. Especially Massimo who took us around the Vatican.


Thank you so much for your patience and the very detailed guide. You did a great job and I will be in touch when we plan our next Italian holiday.


Kind regards,


Andrea x

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