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"Wine rejoices the heart of Man and Joy is the Mother of all Virtues"
 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This romantic expedition is an eight, or ten-hour adventure through one of Italy's most exceptional marine areas. Renowned for its biodiversity, the Tuscan archipelago encompasses over 61,000 km of sea and it is the biggest European sea park. Like the pearls of a necklace, each island is different, each island preserves the traces of its history, each island is unique, original, with the only common feature being the beauty of its nature. The chain that unites these jewels is the sea, a warm and welcoming sea that can be both calm but also unpredictable with its storms as only the Mediterranean can be.


Choose to live a romantic dream with the elegant San Lorenzo 80 yacht. Let yourself be pampered by the waves of the Mediterranean sea, together with the prestigious wines of the wine resort and the dishes prepared on board by our chefs for an exclusive and unforgettable holiday. Private events can also be catered for.

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