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import and markups (video: 1:15 min.) Shape-auto-sketch:Rigorously plot and edit lines to ensure that they meet standards for best-fit, orthogonality, and angle.(video: 1:15 min.)App-based collaboration:See the entire AutoCAD team working from virtually anywhere. Access app-based collaboration through apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype.(video: 1:15 min.)Export to PDF and.DWG:Save drawings in PDF format and use them for sharing or archiving in libraries and archives. Export to DWG for use in DXF and PLT files.(video: 1:15 min.)Breakviews:Simplify the user interface by providing the user with “canned” views of the drawing environment. The pane user can easily switch between views and customize them.(video: 1:15 min.)UI improvements:More screen real estateBrush icon and size indicatorsLandscape browserWorkflowsDrafting colorDrag-and-drop and toolbar redrawLayer selection rulesCreating a layer from a templateInk/raster backgroundChecklistsSecurity settingsSoft keysGeneral CAD improvementsDynamic layoutsRevision markerEnhanced file formatOverlays and OffsetsColor pickerShow and Hide shapesDrawing settingsDesign settingsDrawing templatesMultiple drawing templatesApp-based onscreen collaborationHyperlink access to CAD applicationsApp-based onscreen collaborationDashboard and Data PanesCrosshair and LiveViewCore improvementsDouble-height textImprovements to the Parallel and Polyline drawing toolsImproved grid fittingInteractive drawing toolsLanguage improvementsOnline help and online chatOnline help and online chatProperties managerSymbol installer for Microsoft OfficeTemplates can be installed in a user’s directory or can be distributed on CD-ROMsSlider3D design3D modeling3D printing3D modeling3D printingVector drawing 2be273e24d

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