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So it is that time of year when everyone starts to think about romance. A bunch of flowers, an evening out enjoying a candle-lit dinner, a bottle of champagne, a special gift. Not with The Italian Connection. We want to make each trip to Italy as romantic as possible, so if you are thinking of romantic gifts and experiences, then allow us to inspire you.

Is this is the ultimate gift you would like to provide your loved one, with of course our help? It may not be possible to head out to Italy now for that romantic trip, but save all these ideas until the world reopens and is ready for you. We have given it some thought and here are some of our best ideas.

Fancy a romantic holiday to Italy? Here is a country which has it all.
Romantic Italy

Our Top 20 starting with.....

1. Visit the places in Venice which gave birth to Casanova with our super-experienced guide. After the tour, enjoy a burlesque class which will aim to teach you the art of seduction. With classes for both men and women!

2. Did you know that truffles are considered to be one of the world's finest aphrodisiacs? Then surely you would like to take part in a truffle hunt? Together with our chef, you will learn everything you need to know about the truffle and how to cook it. You will then be able to enjoy its taste by experiencing different dishes where the truffle is the main ingredient. Other aphrodisiacs you will experience at dinner are, spicy chili peppers and strawberries, or if this is not for you, strawberries dipped in chocolate and if this is far too easy, choose one of our many delicious Italian desserts.

3. A balloon flight over the ancient temples of Pompeii followed by a visit on foot with a true archaeologist. Discover erotic art as you walk around the ruins. OR admire Le Langhe from the sky in Piedmont followed by a traditional meal in one of our farmhouses where you and your partner are the only guests.

4. A helicopter tour over the beautiful island of Capri which offers a dramatic and wild landscape, then stopping off for lunch at one of the many restaurants sitting romantically and overlooking the sea. OR a scenic flight over Lake Como's mountains, with a meal on the island of Comacina where you will enjoy a 5-course meal.

5. A private Mediterranean cruise. A full-day adventure through one of Italy’s most exceptional marine areas. Your experience on this day includes a tour onboard a yacht, a fish lunch with a qualified chef on board, and wine tasting. Choose from an array of wines and canapés. OR take an evening tour in a glass-bottomed boat on the island of Ischia and observe the sea glowing with fluorescent sparkles as you reach a pristine bay ready for night time snorkelling. A flick of your hand in the water is enough to make the wondrous glow emerge. You will learn all about the dynamics of bioluminescence which oozes romance.

6. Exclusive dinner at the CHIGI Tower in San Gimignano offering breathtaking views of the surrounding Tuscan countryside OR if you are after something more dramatic, then we have the perfect venue for you in Florence which overlooks the Arno River. Truly magical and private.

7. Learn how to master the wonderful creation of three types of desserts. Through the assistance of an English speaking professional, you will learn everything there is to know about fresh and delicious dessert. You will learn to knead, cut, roll and mix. The recipes of our chefs are based on freshness, high-quality local ingredients, Italian tradition, and in-depth experience, and not only, but you also get to eat your own creation.

8. A romantic lunch, dinner, or picnic in a vineyard. Enjoy peace, seclusion, and breathtaking views. Then head off to our selected hotel for that massage a due.

9. Experience the sounds and the feel of a Ferrari tour, or if you are after a touch of the vintage, this is also possible. What a great way to spend your day.

10. Enjoy a day with a renowned Italian photographer who will create an array of perfect pictures for your partner to keep forever. Photographs of you framed in an Italian background. OR why not enjoy a photo shoot just the 2 of you. Allow yourself to be creative.

11. Astronomical trekking. See the sky, feel the earth beneath your feet, be fascinated by the stars, celestial objects which have fascinated humans since the beginning of time. OR, stargazing on the island of Ponza.

12. Meet your yoga instructor at Anacapri and then ascend to Monte Solaro. From here you will hike through the mountains and reach the perfect spot. Allow your body to be reconnected with your surroundings and allow your mind to relax.

13. Verona the eternal witness of the love between 2 of Shakespeare’s most renowned characters, will be your backdrop which will then give you the chance to meditate about your own experience. At each place where the love between Romeo and Juliet entwined, an experienced psychologist will help you and your partner to heal and strengthen your unique love story. Follow this up with an evening of champagne and canapés in Juliet’s courtyard, just the 2 of you. We will fill the courtyard with candles.

14. A night at La Scala in Milan. We will ensure that the opera we pick for you is all about love in one form or another. Opera is available throughout Italy so if you are after that romantic touch, always depicted in Hollywood moments, let us know and I am sure we will find the perfect opera for you. OR enjoy an exclusive music experience in a historical mansion near Milan; OR why not enjoy your own private concert.

15. The Venice Carnival is a once in a life-time experience. Gowns, masks, gala balls….endless choice awaits. For that one day, enjoy the art of play-acting OR why not enjoy a tour of Venice in the gondola with that bling effect.

16. Make your own scent and create one for your partner. Learn about the ingredients, the perfumes, the fragrances. Leave with a small bottle of your own bespoke fragrance and a certificate signed by the fragrance master himself. If you want to take it further, we can arrange your own label, how great would that be. Spend time getting the perfect scent which represents you both.

17. Experience the amazing scenario of the Castellana caves. Stalactites, stalagmites, shapes, fossils, canyons, and caves with colours that excite the imagination. You will lose yourself.

18. Enjoy the path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast. This stunning and spectacular hike takes place over the top of the Amalfi Coastline, guaranteeing unique views of the sea right down to the valleys located below. This truly is one of the most magical hikes you can take in Italy, OR why not the Path of Love in Le Cinque Terre, breathtaking.

19. Ancient Rome's "Love and sex history tour". Explore the intimate side of the ‘Eternal City’ on a 2-hour evening walking tour which explores Rome’s romantic history, famous love stories, and culture. You’ll see historical landmarks and elegant piazzas along the way while learning about traditional wedding rituals, seduction practices, and the inside scoop on ancient Roman kissing.

20. AND THIS IS THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! Renew your wedding vows OR get married in Italy.

Endless possibilities. www.weddingsmadeinitaly

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