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Are you a foodie? If the answer is yes, this amazing gourmet tour is for you! Our tour starts under the two leaning towers Asinelli and Garisenda, where in the past the fish market took place. We continue to the Palace of Mercanzia (Merchandise), which preserves (along with gold "tortellini" and "tagliatelle", symbols of Bolognese gastronomic excellence) recipes of all major dishes of this city, from Tortellini to Lasagna, from Friggione to the Galantine.


The "path" of taste will proceed to Via Caprarie, from where we will have access to the Quadrilateral, the navel of the city centre. Colourful and fragrant with old and new shops where you can taste local fruits and vegetables exposed on the shelves. A short stop in the Quadrilateral will help us to have a local food tasting (Bologna ham will be just one of those), Crescentine, Parmesan cheese, and wine. The visit will end with the " food of the Gods", a chocolate tasting at the Majani workshop. Founded in 1796. 




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