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Traditionally known as the “Learned”, the “Fat” and the “Red”, Bologna is a medieval jewel, enchanting everyone with the charm of its illustrious past. This splendid city is renowned as the home of Europe’s oldest university; the heir to a sublime culinary tradition; an ancient village famous for the warm colours of its buildings, churches, and squares; a city of towers; home to the world’s longest arcades; appointed as one of the World Heritage Sites. A land of writers, poets, painters, and musicians and acknowledged by UNESCO as a “creative city of music”. Bologna is a magical place where creativity, tradition, innovation, culture, and enthusiasm for fine living are strongly entwined.

You will fly directly into Bologna. A transfer will awake and will whisk you off to the 5 star Grand Hotel Majestic. A visit to the hotel’s art gallery with an art historian will take place after check-in. In the afternoon, a private visit to Villa Hercolani, an amazing mansion in the countryside just outside Bologna. Hercolani is one of the most important aristocratic families of Bologna. Prince Hercolani will welcome guests and will discuss Italian traditions, art, and history. Enjoy the amazing villa, park, and a nice complimentary aperitif.  After the Hercolani experience, private transfer to a Michelin starred restaurant in Bologna. You will meet Chef Iacobuzzi who will cook for you.

Exclusive  Add-Ons

Option 1) The mayor of Bologna will welcome guests to the Palace. Guests will have access to the Art collection inside this beautiful Palace (art, sculpture, and furniture dating back to the XVIIth and XVIIIth Century).  An art historian will be your guide. 

​Option 2) Meet a Formula 1 racing driver and enjoy driving around the circuit. The duration of this experience is approximately 8 hours (starting at 0900). You will meet Andrea De Adamich, ex-Formula 1 racing driver and owner of the most important Italian sports driving school. He participated in 34 World Championship Formula One Grand Prix, making his début on the 1st January 1968.

​Option 3) An encounter with Ferrari. The duration of the tour is approximately 8 hours long. You will have the unique chance to visit the Ferrari Museum, but above all the Factory which is strictly off-limits to the public. On this occasion, an important member of Ferrari will meet and interact with guests, leading them to discover the world and spirit of Ferrari. Finally, you will end your exclusive Ferrari experience with a private dinner in the Ferrari Victory Hall. A once in a lifetime experience!

Option 4) Live an extraordinary food experience with the King of Chefs, Massimo Bottura. The duration of this experience is approximately 4 hours. The Osteria Francescana was nominated the best restaurant in the world in 2016. Massimo will meet guests and will introduce them to the philosophy and culture of his food excellence. He will accompany guests to his own cheese factory to show off his Parmesan and Balsamic vinegar production. Then he will cook. An absolutely unforgettable experience!


Option 5) The history of the Panini family. A private transfer to a unique place in the countryside, the heart of the motor valley. You will discover the most important private vintage Maserati collection in the world which is located on a farm which produces one of the best Italian Parmigiano Reggiano. The owners are members of one of the most important Italian entrepreneur families. You will meet the members of the family who will introduce you to the history and their passion for Maserati Supercars. The collection is a must-see! You will mix this visit with a nice foodie experience, discovering the secret of Parmigiano Reggiano production, with a final tasting. Finally, you will enjoy a private seated lunch in the museum.

​Option 6) The Pavarotti experience. Meet Nicoletta, his wife. Pavarotti was born in Modena, near Bologna. Music is a passion and part of each person. You will have the chance to visit the house-museum of the great Maestro, meeting his wife Nicoletta Mantovani Pavarotti. It is a special occasion to share and experience Pavarotti’s life, passions, and behind the scene with the woman who lived with the greatest opera singer of all time. Enjoy a private aperitif and concert inside the house-museum.


Option 7) Experience the greatest Labyrinth in the world. Balance your emotion and orientation. The duration of the tour is up to 4 hours.  Entirely made up of bamboo plants (numbering around 200 thousand in total). A labyrinth created for fantasising and reflecting. You will have the chance to meet the extraordinary creator and creative entrepreneur and publisher Mr. Franco Maria Ricci. You will have the chance to visit this unique labyrinth and the museum with its extraordinary art and sculpture collection. At the end of the visit, enjoy a lunch in the palace. Before lunch, you will have the chance to meet the Michelin starred Chef Massimo Spigaroli who will be preparing the food for you.

Option 8) Experience the Pagani, the excellence of Italian Supercars. Starting from 0900 and lasting for up to 4 hours, you will have the chance to visit the factory of this exclusive brand. After the visit, you will have a conference hall exclusively for you with a welcome coffee and snacks. On this occasion, you will get the chance to meet a Pagani representative who will introduce you to the Pagani world and its mission.


Option 9) 

The National Pinacoteca in Bologna. A unique art collection lasting for approximately 4 hours. One of the most important Italian Galleries, a must-see.  Enjoy a private visit to this unique gallery with the Director of the Museum and an art historian. Then gala dinner at the gallery will follow.

Option 10) Ducati experience and a meet & greet with Andrea Dovizioso, MotoGP driver. Visit the Ducati Factory and Museum. After the visit, transfer to the Ducati Academy. 


Option 11) The Villa Molinari Pradelli Experience. a private and amazing venue. Villa Molinari Pradelli, the residence of the famous orchestra conductor Francesco Molinari Pradelli. Mrs. Bianca Maria, the master’s widow, will allow guests to experience one of the most amazing private collections in the world (paintings of the Bolognese and Neapolitan school of the XVIIth and XVIIth century). At the end of the visit, guests will enjoy a nice aperitif in the villa.

​Option 12) Upholstery private Museum and luxury artisans. Set in a well-restored eighteenth-century villa is an extraordinary collection of ancient fabrics. You will enjoy a private demonstration of different local luxury craftsmanship and all made in Bologna. Guests will even meet some of the owners of these products, from made to measure shoes to wedding dress creations.​

Option 13) The Albergati Palace experience. Palazzo Albergati is a sumptuous, magnificent dwelling built by the family of the same name. It is one of the most significant examples of 17th-century Emilian architecture. You will visit this enchanting palace, rich with frescoes and a unique cellar, finally enjoying an excellent gala dinner. During the experience, you will meet one of the greatest Italian luthiers, Bruno Stefanini, who will show you the pure art of the violin, how to build the perfect musical instrument. As an alternative, guests can meet the owners of the most important made to measure Italian shoes, discovering the creative and production process.



Other Options:

  • Exclusive aperitif on a XIIth Century Medieval Tower with a panoramic view of the city

  • Private Noble Palaces Experience, amongst frescoes and sculptures

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