He Who Knows How To Taste Does Not Drink Wine But Savours Secrets - Salvador Dali


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When in Italy, you will get the chance to enjoy some great wines and with our help, we will introduce you to some small suppliers and families who will be only too proud to show you round their cellars and allow you to taste their products. From the terraces of Le Cinque Terre, to the indulgence in the Hills of Piedmont, from the delicacy of the Veneto to the wines of Umbria and Le Marche, from the family-run wineries on the Amalfi Coast and Ischia to the strong character of wines from Apulia and Sicily. 
Together with our suppliers we have put together 3 and 4 and 7 day itineraries which allow you to fully experience a holiday in the heart of some of Italy's finest wine regions, but it is also possible to spend just a few days discovering some great wines and combining your trip with a spot of sightseeing or just relaxing.
Let's raise a glass to a good bottle of Vino...........Salute!