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A Cooking Class In Italy


Prepare the dishes together and then we will sit down at the table and enjoy our wonderful dinner! In a fun and friendly atmosphere. The lessons will last about 3/4 hours depending on how many people there are and the selected menù.


Recommended Start time:

Morning class 9/10 am

Evening class 3/4 pm

We will meet at our headquarters in Impruneta and we will introduce ourselves over a glass of Prosecco. For children we will provide some sodas or juices. We will all prepare the dishes together and then we will sit down at the table and will enjoy our wonderful dinner! In a fun and friendly atmosphere. The chef will apply his experience to teach you the tricks and the secrets of Italian cuisine. For the cooking class (4 dishes), there will be one or two assistant/chefs (depending on how many people there are in the class). Your cooking class will include food shopping and kitchen equipment and table Tuscan wine served in Tuscan flasks. Also available are Short cooking classes: Recommended for guests who have little time available, but who still want to learn their favourite Italian recipe in just 1 hour. 



PASTA Making

Potato gnocchi with zucchini flowers, cherry tomatoes and prawns

Fresh eggs Tagliatelle with basil Genovese Pesto

Ricotta cheese and spinach Ravioli with Tuscan Beef ragù

Chocolate cake and whipped cream


TUSCAN Proposals

Tuscan Proposal 1

Pappa al Pomodoro (Very traditional bread soup with tomatoes, onions and basil )

Ricotta cheese and spinach ravioli with butter and sage

Peposo all “Imprunetina” (Very typical chianti recipe: braised beef in red wine and black pepper)

Vanilla Panna cotta with red fruits


Tuscan Proposal 2

Fried polenta with mushrooms, pecorino cheese and truffle

Potatoes tortelli with Tuscan ragù (traditional of the Maremma )

Arista (roasted pork in white wine, garlic and wild herbs) with a mix of cooked vegetables



Tuscan Proposal 3

Typical Tuscan “crostino” with sausage and stracchino cheese

Potato gnocchi with “Norcina” sauce (sausage ragù, mushrooms and truffle)

“Polpettone” in tomato sauce and Cannellini beans (Chianina meatloaf)

Zuccotto (sponge cake, alchermes, Ricotta cheese and chocolate)


Tuscan Proposal 4

Ribollita (very traditional Florence bread soup with mix of vegetables and cannellini beans)

Tuscan Meat ragù Lasagna

Cacciatora chicken (pan stew chicken with olives, wild herbs, tomatoes and black olives)

Cantucci Pratesi with wine dessert Vin Santo (Traditional Tuscan almond Cookies )


ITALIA Proposal 1

Tomato “Bruschetta”

“Pasta e Fasoi” Beans and potato soup with Fresh Fettuccini pasta

Stuffed chicken escalopes (ham, scamorza cheese) with lemon, white wine and parsley sauce

Apple strudel and vanilla cream


ITALIA Proposal 2

Fried stuffed zucchini flowers (with mozzarella cheese and anchovies)

Tagliatelle alla Matriciana

Salti in bocca alla Romana (veal meat escalopes, ham, sage, capers and white wine)

Cannoli Siciliani (ricotta, cioccolate, pistachio and orang )



Scamorza cheese and potato croquettes

Linguine Pasta with basil pesto

Eggplant Parmigiana (eggplant, parmigiano cheese, mozzarella cheese and tomatoes )

Yogurt mousse cake with strawberries

Mediterranean FISH

Chickpeas soup with pen roasted prawns and burrata cheese

Sea bass ravioli with clams and zucchini

Tuna fish with Mediterranean vegetables and balsamic vinegar sauce

Vanilla cream with raspberries

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