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Introducing you to some child-friendly tours in Rome. These are all private tours and must be booked as part of a holiday package and cannot be booked individually.
Rome Golf Cart Tour for Kids with Gelato
A tour designed to thrill kids with the enticing treasures of Ancient Rome all in the comfort and open-air of a golf cart. You’ll explore the majesty of Rome with fun and flexibility while keeping your kids from becoming tired and shade them from Rome’s famous sun. The driving tour will take you on a journey to see the most important sights of Ancient Rome. We start at the Colosseum where you will be able to learn about the beasts & animals who used to occupy this monumental amphitheatre. Then you’ll hop back on board and onto the cobblestone road to Circus Maximus to observe where chariots used to race, passing by the Mouth of Truth and the Marcellus theatre. You’ll end up in Piazza Navona to enjoy an Italian gelato in a fantastic gelateria!
Rome for Kids Tour on 4 wheels – Updated! Catacombs or Walk on Walls and Ramparts
On this special 4-hour driving tour geared for children, you will be able to cover more ground, see more sites, and maximize your time in Rome without exhausting the children, especially in the summer heat! Along your journey, you will see sites such as the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus, the famous “keyhole” and more! We will continue our explorations with visits to the Colosseum and end either with a visit to one of Rome’s ancient catacombs on the old Appian Way or a walk on the ancient walls of Rome.
Gladiators and Emperors of Ancient Rome - updated with Circus Maximus and Mouth of Truth
A walking tour designed to captivate kids with the enticing treasures of Ancient Rome! This private tour (with no waiting in lines for impatient kids!) is a chance to really bring Rome and its history of gladiators and emperors who shaped Rome’s awesome past to life for your kids. The tour will take you on a journey to see the most important sights of Ancient Rome. We start at the Colosseum where you will be able to learn about the beasts & animals who used to occupy this monumental amphitheatre. Then we’ll have a view of the Roman Forum and the Via Sacra, the epicentre of life 2000 years ago, before heading to Circus Maximus where Chariots used to risk their lives on wild horses and you’ll be able to stand right in the ring where they raced! The mouth of truth, made glamorous by Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, will conclude this wonderful tour of Rome for kids where they will learn the legend and importance of always telling the truth! 
Treasure Hunt at the Vatican
This new, child-friendly tour is ideal for families with children between the ages of 5 and 10 and is an excellent way to actively engage the children in the history and art of the Vatican Museums. After skipping the entrance line, our kid-friendly guide will lead your family through the museum with riddles and clues that will reveal hidden secrets in the various artistic masterpieces of the Vatican. A wonderful way for children to enjoy the Vatican. They will come away having had fun but also having learned about art, religion, and history. Other options are: Vatican tour for kids with mummies and popemobile.
Pizza Making Express
Pizza may have been born in Naples, but Romans love their pizza too! A perfect Italian lesson while in Rome. Learn to make our favourite food, the food of the gods: pizza! This class is designed for those who have one focus—a desire to eat and make pizza. Better than going to a pizzeria, our very own pizzaiolo (the official Italian name for those who make pizzas) will teach you the tricks to perfecting pizza.
Vatican Tour & Castel Sant’Angelo for kids
If you are worried about the kids not enjoying the Vatican, think again! Our animated and kid-friendly guides are brilliant at bringing the Vatican to life for children and capturing their attention on this 4-hour tour. After exploring the wonders of the Vatican museums, you will enjoy St. Peter’s Basilica and admire Castel Sant'Angelo, popular with the children as it combines an ancient tomb, a fortress, a prison, a castle, torture chambers and a museum, topped by a spectacular view of Rome and the Vatican.
Gelato Making for Kids
This class is all about “la dolce vita”. You will have the amazing opportunity to customize and create classic Italian gelato with your very own favourite flavours during this hands-on class. One scoop or two? Choose from fresh fruits of the season, like Tuscan strawberries or lemons from Sorrento, deep-green pistachios, high-quality dark chocolate from Perugia, or the always lovable Nutella. Cooldown like a true Italian…with gelato. Join us for our Gelato Making Class, a truly delicious experience! Other: Gelato & Italian biscotti masterclass; hands-on pasta making & Tiramisu class.
Gladiator School
While in Rome one must do as the Romans do, which includes gladiator training! Enjoy a private one-on-one lesson with a Gladiator instructor who will teach you the techniques to survive the attacks in the arena. Kids will have fun while actively learning about Roman history and civilization, and parents can attend and take pictures at no additional cost. We offer a few options in order to best accommodate your family’s needs. Each option includes a private one-on-one training session for the children. This not only makes the experience more exciting, but we also look out for the safety of the children by making these sessions private, unlike our competitors who could have as many as 30 in one lesson together. Please note that the minimum age requirement is 6 years old to participate. If you would like to make this experience even more memorable, we would suggest adding a 3-hour driving tour of Ancient Rome with the Colosseum or a visit to the Appian Way and Catacombs. Other: Gladiators & Roman Emperors for kids.
Monuments Talks
Follow in the footsteps of Rome's legendary artists. Our guides are brilliant with kids and will bring the art and history of the city to life. On this fascinating walk through the city center kids will learn about Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini, Borromini and the Baroque and the Renaissance periods. We will explore everything from Piazza del Popolo to the Spanish Steps with stops at the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, and Campo de’ Fiori. There may even be a stop for cake and gelato!
Mosaic & Art Workshops
After having explored the beauties of the city of Rome and admired the Colosseum, learned about the history of gladiators and emperors, discovered all the intrigues of the popes and the life and works of the artists of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, why not become an artist yourself for a day? We have the right class for you! Learn how to make a mosaic or painted artwork with the help of our teacher, a Roman artist, in the comfort of a historic apartment. In the meantime, parents can enjoy different types of tours, go shopping, or even join a mosaic and ceramic class for adults! Other: Young masters in the making; painting with Caravaggio.
  • Raiders of Rome - A treasure hunt in the eternal city
  • Rome tour for kids on 4 wheels
Many more tours and excursions and ideas are available for you and the whole family.... just ask for further details. 
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