An interesting phenomenon where several living species emit light thanks to the trick of specific chemical reactions inside their body.  It is possible to appreciate by sailing in a glass-bottom boat or by snorkelling. 


You will start the tour in the projection room with the aid of a sea biologist and you will understand the dynamics of this bioluminescent phenomenon and its manifestations in nature. The theory will start with a  briefing with all the information required regarding safety and the preparation of the snorkeling equipment. Set sail in a glass-bottom boat and observe the sea brightening up with sparks and then head to a bay for night snorkeling. You will dive with a mask and snorkel in this magical luminescent liquid. This experience is a show of nature, matched with information and magic. 



Thermal- shirt or snorkeling T-shirt | sweatshirt or rainproof jacket | underwater camera (the guide, anyway, will take pictures that he will share with all the participants) | backpack | water | beach towel | spare clothes



  • Adults and children from 5 years old

  • Sea, dive, and swim lovers

  • Researcher of rare natural manifestations

  • Sea biology buffs



  • You wish to see and learn more about sea bioluminescence

  • You are interested in night navigation

  • You wish to do night snorkeling in an unspoiled bay

  • You wish to stargaze at sea, away from light pollution


Every Thursday at 2000 hours and lasting for up to 3 hours.